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A Wealth of Culture The culture of Papua New Guinea in the timeline

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A Legend from the Oro Province

An Oro Legend

A legend from Oro Province, told by PHILEMON SINAPA, from WANIGELA, in Oro Province, and written by FRANCIS NDREWEI SEPEI, from BUYANG, in the Manus Province.

Philemon attended the Martyrs' Memoral High School before coming to Sogeri National High and Francis was a student at Manus High School.

The legend is illustrated by CHARLIE DIVINE, who was previously a student at De La Salle, Bomana.

A very long time ago, there lived an old woman and her daughter in an isolated village.

One day, while the woman was washing herself in the creek, the daughter dived into the water. She began washing too, and after a while, enjoyed herself by swimming under the water.

On surfacing, she bumped into a huge taro which was floating on top of the water. She grabbed it and took it to her mother.

The mother was so excited that she cooked the taro, unpeeled, by putting it in the ashes of the fire. While she was doing this, her daughter went off to play with some of her friends.

When the taro was cooked, the woman took it out of the fire and ate it all hungrily.

When the daughter returned from her games, she was very hungry and looked forward to having some of the taro that she had got for her mother. She was astonished that her mother had been so selfish as to eat it all. She then went into her room and began crying.

The crying went on until the middle of the night when, knowing her mother was fast asleep, she crept out of the house, collected some bush canes and hanged herself in front of the doorway.

Early the next morning when the woman awoke to begin her daily work, she bumped angainst her daughter's body hanging from the door. She realised instantly that her daughter had committed suicide because of her selfishness.

She fell onto the ground and began sobbing uncontrollably. She cried without ceasing for two days, and at the same time began to pass urine.

The urine flowed down through Masin village and then on towards the coast, where it began to change into a river.

At the place where the river starts, there are various reminders of how the river began. There is a fire-place and the frame of the hut where the old woman and her daughter lived.

These reminds show us how unwise it can be to act selfishly.
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Another Legend from the Oro Province

There once lived two identical eels in Baoroda Creek on the north coast of the Norther Province.

One day, when the nearby village was celebrating a feast, one of the eels became ill, and needed to eat a meal with some fresh fish. The twin eel agreed and decided to catch some fish for his ill brother.

In search of the fish he set off and swam along the river at the base of the grassy bank. However, as he was swimming along, he heard cheerful noises coming from the bank on the village side of the creek, and being curious, he decided to see what was going on.

While the young men of the village were butchering the pigs, the village children were happily swimming in the creek.

As he approached, he was suddenly seen by the young men who rushed down the bank with their spears and speared him. The poor eel was taken to the village and very quickly cooked and eaten.

The sick twin waited and waited until he decided to see what had happened to his brother. Now he was becoming suspicious that his brother had been caught and eaten, especially as he could hear the sounds of feasting and rejoicing in the village.

And a little further on, he came across the bones of his dear brother eel.

He returned in great sadness to his home in the creek and decided to take revenge for the death of his brother, so that night he made magic which had some spectacular results: the rain started pouring down and did not stop until it had caused the river to flood and the whole village, killing all its occupants.

The whole village turned into a lake and soon, the only things left standing were the coconut trees. That is what we believe about the origin of Lake Baoroda.

A legeng from the Northern Province told by JOSIAH URIO, of Taotutu village, in Oro Province, and written by TIMIL NAIPAKALI, of Kopen village, in Enga Province. Josiah attended Martyrs' Memorial high School before going to Sogeri National High School, and Timil ws at Wabag High School.

The legend is illustrated by JOSEPH KETAN, of Kuk village, in the Western Highlands. Joseph was a student at Mt. Hagen High School before going to Sogeri.
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