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Old 28-07-2008, 02:45 PM
Beverly Thomson Beverly Thomson is offline
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Just thought that I would jump into this thread...

There are lots of names that ring a bell and many bring a flashback image of fun and frivoloity!!!

I went to thr renuion so caught up with some but obviously there are many more ... Holly Tuckerman rings a bell - did you have a brother?? - as does Ferdie, Ean Vendenberg, Scott Bowler, Karyn Flynn..... Used to hear from Oriana Acanaro for a while but not for some years now - she was working in the airline industry so Mum heard from her first and passed it on. And of course Kassie Gates I still hear from occassionally.

I went to GIPS from '76-'82 then Pinewoods for yrs 7 & 8, from '83-'84 before going to boearding school in Melbourne with Phillip Makari and a few others!

It's amazing how in hindsight all we remember is the fun, the childhood bothers are so insignificant! It's fantastic!

Anyway, I have just joined PNG forum thanks to a google search, so thought that I would throw in my name to this esteemed list!!

Best wishes all,

Beverly (Balenzuela) Thomson
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Old 17-08-2008, 12:28 PM
ethel maamo ethel maamo is offline
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hi kassie,
not to worry about not remembering me....
to help you recall though i'm the one seated in front of matt hilgendorf and next to larra. to make it easier, i'm the one on the extreme right (senior photo).

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