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Old 29-10-2007, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by ferdietamayo2d
Sorry Lynette, must be all that alcohol and late nights... But then again, it's been, what, 27 years.



PS Was I skinny back then or what?
OMG!!! I totally remember that picture. I can't believe how time flies...I definitely remember some of the faces on the picture. I love how this forum has totally brought back fond memories of my childhood. Thanks everyone!!!
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Old 07-04-2010, 04:19 AM
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I chanced upon an old magazine the other day that dated back in 82. It was a blast from the past. The front cover has worn off but i saw a picture of the Bird Of paradise.. Talair... so it led me to googling about GIPS an hour ago.

Back then they called me jim.. and our adviser was Mrs. Frederick
I dont quite remember if I was under Mrs Sparkx but i really do remember Mrs brooks since tigana payne was one of my classmates.

Here are the other names that i clearly remember:

under Mrs Frederick: Alison, JohnRon , Paula Denholm Frederick tamayo, Fidel tamayo, Dan Mahinay, tigana and tracy, Maureen [ is it hultman ]Holly Tuckerman, George Anderson, Scott Russell, John Lylle ,Jason. [ i forgot his surname ..but he was the first to have this VF21 Macross toy back then] Khan Dao.. ,,Philip Marakai or was it Makarai? ..[ the kid who loved soccer]

The classmates that gave me my first instructions were:

Helen Seward and nicole ...anybody remember them?
i remember Ashley under Mrs Brooks. Specially how he snapped his fingers during recitation.

Whatever happened to the sewards?

Alison introduced to me my first "choose your own adventure book"

Maureen rings a bell, but i can only remember her face along with alison, Helen, Nicole and paula.

Dan mahinay... [ the sister of Cecilia Mahinay? ]

Lachlan Simpson.... My mom used to be in touch with his parents. But then we lost track after we moved around through the years

Robert Fullton,,... both our parents used to work under the same company back then. I think it was Talair

I have a lot on my mind ..but im trying to be as spontaneous as i go about remembering all this

I used to be friends with Rey galang... Im not sure if J.A, J.B, and J.c Danga still remembers me ..nor Roelito tenorio and those wild pinball machines n video games.

There were two davids

One was half Hawaiian who always gave us toffee apples and the other was David House [the french kid].

Who remembers the Plaster Casting days? The cricket and softball games

Ok who remembers the Red Fire truck back at the big field..?

Our first big Mu Mu feast near the red truck?

and who remembers the strawberry mint ice cream that we used to make with Mrs Frederick?

the Asterix and Obelix comic books

the SMURF comic books...

choose your own adventure stories.

Does Smelly Stickers ring a BELL?

and that Story Book..."HOW TO EAT 100 worms".. i wont forget that one..

Those were the good old days ..our trips to the sheep farm... The construction of Raun raun Theater...
Our swimming days.

Oh....and who remembers "Cinder FELLA" ..

Who Remembers MRs Pavillard? the art teacher?

The BMX and diamond back Bikes...

Who remembers Mrs Fredericks daughter "Wednesday" at the teacher's College? [ oh did i have a crush on her] But she was like 16..and i was like... 8? 9?

My last memory of Mr Denholm was when he caught me and Tigana Payne kicking around soccer balls at the assembly area when we werent really supposed to. Frederick Tamayo warned us but we never listened anyway.

Yah Tigana.... i remember picking up 100 pieces of paper with him too.... dragging our trashbags around school even.

I used to get A +'s from Mrs Frederick... i think i managed to get a D from Mrs Brooks.

Jim Agento
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Old 08-06-2010, 05:02 PM
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I am jonathon smith. I along with my oldest sisters and brother attended gips between 1978 and 1982. My twin kate and i went to sydney in 83 to attend high school there. Matthew (my brother) and rebecca/bec (matthews twin) were at gips form 78 till 84. Our youngest sister Jacqui was born in 83. I have been married for 16yrs to a wonderful wife, morgen nee trisley. We have 3 beautiful kids a boy(13), girl(10) and boy(7). It was great to stumble apon this site. Could anyone who attended gips, between 78 and 84, cantact me please. jonathonsmith70@hotmail.com

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