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Old 16-04-2005, 02:10 PM
peterchin peterchin is offline
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Thumbs up chinese community

jus wan know is there a large asian chinese community inPNG
is there any discrimination on chinese or asian
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Old 17-04-2005, 11:52 AM
Merchant Merchant is offline
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There is a reasonably large community (by comparisson) in PNG. Yes PNG is an unsafe place by any standards. But a little prudence, such as keeping to yourself or to trusted members of the ex pat community and local community, avoiding travel to outer PM and other regions without a good escort can all ensure your safety.

Most people live in secured compounds which creates a seige mentality. Barbed wire and Guard dogs. it creates a fear and loathing. I would suggest you go there first and make some observations. it certainly is no Singapore. There is no rule of law. The police are as bad as the rest.

It is better to be forewarned than to be sorry. There are those who will disagree vehemently but I say what I say with the benefit of experience.

The Chinese are mainly Hokkien speaking and Mandarin speaking mainlanders with a sprinkling of Malaysian Sarawakians also Fuchow.

Hope this helps
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Old 17-04-2005, 01:19 PM
peterchin peterchin is offline
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hi merchant,
I am a singaporean chinese abot to be posted there,I can understand how safe is my country,how abt life after work for the family etc family outing, shopping,diving, fishing.
is there community of singaporeans there?
are u still inPNG.
what should I ask from my employer when I am there etc.. car, maid or meal allowance...

thks for your time
really appreciate it
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Old 17-04-2005, 02:09 PM
Merchant Merchant is offline
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there is a small Singaporean community there. Many are in fact Malaysians with Singapore company credentials. However whats really important is that yes you do have the mods and cons required to make you safe there.

The local Towkay is someone called Ting Tan who owns a chain of department stores and comes originally from a place called Kelang in Malaysia. He is localised having already married locally. His shops may be a starting point for you. The People at Rimbunan Hijau who contantly eat at a place called Fu Gui ( achinese stall type restaurant) could be the other point of call.

You should have a car as public transport is not only dangerous but also unreliable and virtually non existent to civilized standards. A maid is something you will have to sort out once there. They too have to be checked out. They are patently inefficient, averse to work and dishonest. I know it sounds terribly racist and alarmist but thats a fact and don't wait to experience it before having to learn.

The Yacht club is perhaps a good place to meet some of the international community. But even there the Whites tend to keep aloof and to themselves whilst the Chinese are compelled to do the same to an extent.

many of the supermarkets and shops are Chinese owned and there is growing resentment towards Chinese. However this has not translated to violence .....yet.

Just take normal precautions. Sensible ones and keep your head on your shoulders and and a look out for the normal signs of trouble.

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Old 18-04-2005, 12:16 AM
peterchin peterchin is offline
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thanks merchant for the precious advise.I guess i will not be out of place as i am presently employed in Manila and have been here for 4 yrs.I am sure there will not bemuch to shop or sightseeing.
thanks again
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Old 18-10-2005, 10:48 AM
Khengchan Khengchan is offline
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Dear Peter Chin,
I am from Melbourne and had travelled to PNG many times in the past. I haven't been there lately. What Merchant said is quite true, you do have to be careful, very careful and keep your children safe, and be sensible. When you have some local friends like I had, then it would be quite safe, but still be prudent. Your company must pay you heaps to post you in PNG.

I am sure you would be OK.

I had some friends in government years ago but they had moved on..
For your record if it is of interest, my private email is khengchan@yahoo.com
I am planing to visit PNG some time next year, but still no definite plans yet.
Take good care.
regards, Ken Chan

Last edited by Khengchan; 18-10-2005 at 10:50 AM. Reason: spelling mistake
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Old 25-12-2005, 06:16 PM
meriasples's Avatar
meriasples meriasples is offline
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Merchant, if you are so negative and rascist, I wonder why you came to PNG? To make money, as a businessman or through the "high risk allowance" you asked from you employer?
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Old 10-01-2006, 01:04 PM
ILU ILU is offline
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I Totally Disagree, With Some Of The Comments...you Have To Come Out And Meet The Locals..maybe Your Co-workers...for The Merchant To Say There Is No Rule Of Law...is Not True...get To Know Thye People And Understand The Culture...we Do Have Crimes And Stuff Like That..but Hey Tell Me Anywhere In The World You Dont Find It? You Just Have To Be Security Cautious...if You Come ,hope You Enjoy Your Stay..
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Old 10-02-2006, 12:00 PM
lawrence loh lawrence loh is offline
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I do not agree with Merchant's comment. You can walk from China Town to Sungai Road in Singapore, and you will meet no one person wishing you good morning or good afternoon. In PNG, you may have 20s if you walk that distance.
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Old 15-02-2006, 09:51 PM
d45south d45south is offline
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Hi PeterChin.....there is a large chinese ex-pat community. Depending on where your job is....there is good shopping with supermarkets and general stores. Maybe not Manila or Singapore .....but perfectly good with a wide selection of food and household items for most people, of most cultures.

Things can be unpredictable, and some areas are hazardous.......so be guided by a work colleague to begin with, or a trusted local, is better.

It helps if you pick up some of the local language fairly quickly....a little knowledge will help you a lot. Just simple greetings etc will help to start with.

As an ex-pat....depending on the location.....you can be targeted for thefts etc.

However, during my stay there, I made many friends with local people, and they were really nice people...genuine friends.

But unfortunately, you do have to take precautions, and be very careful (again depending on location). Generally it is reasonably law abiding..but as Merchant mentioned......be careful of some police and some locals. Not all. But as you will be new there, you will have to be careful of all, until you get to know your way around.

Some Police are dedicated and helpful.....and some are on the other side, and assist the criminals. I had mixed experiences with the Police there.

Rule of law?? Who knows?? I have seen a few injustices done, and I generally would be wary of lower level criminal or civil Court rulings.

Apart from Courts, you do have people running around behind the ex-pats wanting 'compensation' for any 'offence', real or imagined. So local knowledge and friends do help a lot. Not everyone from there is like that, but enough to disturb your day from time to time. (For example....."you breathed the air and have stolen oxygen from it, denying me of that oxygen..I want $100 kina compensation", that sort of thing, and if that guy gets sick or dies, the family want a heap more...but only in some locations). Yes that is an extreme example....but be prepared for it! Most locals are not like that, but some people are in some locations.....

Unfortunately bribery/corruption seems to be what achieves results in many official areas in recent times, and apparently nothing has changed.

Most locals welcome ex-pats....but there can be some resentment at times. Not that much. Just that you may have better opportunities than many locals. Don't 'flash' any wealth that you may have. Some-one may want it more than you do. Best to keep things hiddens like that.

Personally I loved being in PNG....just be cautious for the first few months until you get to figure the place out....(which takes longer than that!!)

Family outings to the restaurant are generally safe, along with brilliant fishing and diving at many locations. I wouldn't recommend going for a picnic/barbeque on the side of the road or at a location that you do not know...........definately not. But in areas that are good.....just ask the locals, and no problem.!!

Don't have a motor vehicle accident, no matter how minor. What gets a ticket overseas, gets you locked up overnight. If an injury accident, don't hang around..drive to the closest Police Station, and/ or get on a 'plane to an overseas location. Seroiusly
if that happens get advice on what steps to take.

Take 2 or 3 spare tyres with you on an out of town trip. One, sometimes is not enough.

Carry some money, but keep it hidden. May be needed for police bail, or to satisfy a 'raskol'..better to lose a few 'kina' than risk injury.

About the 'haus-meris' (maids/helpers) wait until you get there, and hire one based on personal recommendation from a trusted person. There are very good ones....but the bad ones do cause you grief.

This isn't being racist..just cautious....just the truth.

Another thing mentioned in a previous notice...yes the various ex-pat communities tend to stick together a little. The Chinese speakers can relax easier with other chinese speakers, just as the english speakers can with english speakers ..I guess it is hard to relax when learning another language and trying not to make mistakes!!!etc etc. But almost everyone also mixes generally amongst the various ethnic 'communities', including making local PNG friends.

People are pretty laid back and friendly as a general rule..from all races.

So good luck..keep an open mind, but not a naive mind to start with. It is a great place to be, just take care to start with.

If you are taking a wife or female children, it is best if they dress themselves modestly or they may attract unwanted attention.......keep them covered up. Short skirts or revealing outfits would be generally seen as 'provocative', and could cause a problem, depending on the venue/location.

I have just scolled back to re-read your notice......Sightseeing...PNG is beautiful. I come from another scenic country.And PNG has a lot of country with different mountainous, jungle and coastal areas of great beauty...just ask the people who you will be working with. Its a real adventure!! Water clarity is amongst the worlds best, if you are into diving...plenty of diving and fishing resorts.

Plenty of good meat.....beef from Ramu(Mainland) or Munindo(New Britain), pork and chicken, and seafood.

Lots of fruit and vegetables...you won't go hungry. More rice than pasta...and once you shop around you will know where to buy your rice from!!

Good luck
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