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Paradise 5:
Paradise 5 is the fifth release of Big Finish’s Lost Stories range featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri.
Released in May 2010.
Written by Sapphire & Steel creator PJ Hammond and Andy Lane and come back to this later on.
Included in the guest cast is James D’Arcy (who was in Big Finish’s version of Phantom of the Opera & had played Billie Piper’s boyfriend in Secret Diary of a Call Girl season 3.
The Doctor and Peri visits the title space station Paradise 5 to find a friend of the Doctor’s who has gone missing. It is a shocking discovery of what became of this friend.
The mystery has been well played out especially with Nicola Bryant on her own as Peri for much of this story without the Doctor. Nicola truly shines in this story.
One thing that I can say about the villain duo of Gabriel and Michael (D’Arcy) is that they remind me of another villain duo Wint and Kidd from the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever.

There are interesting things that I found out about Paradise 5 in the interviews on this release. Paradise 5 was not part of the original season 23 that the first season of The Lost Stories had been focusing on. It was instead originally intended for the actual season 23 The Trial of A Time Lord but was ultimately replaced by Terror of the Vervoids in its Trial slot. Paradise 5 only became part of the Lost Stories due to the suggestion made by former Big Finish producer Gary Russell, who these days is working for the BBC Wales production of Doctor Who and its spin-offs.
Due to his busy schedule Hammond could not make the audio adaptation himself and Andy Lane stepped in. Although the CD cover says “By PJ Hammond and Andy Lane” it was not a collaboration between the two. As Andy Lane explains, Part 1 was Hammond’s, Parts 2 and 4 was Lane’s with the latter in the story’s original version had scenes from the Trial which could not be used for the Big Finish version and Part 3 was written by Lane based on notes from Hammond.
While Paradise 5 did not make it to TV, Hammond did get to write for the telly Whoniverse with two episodes of Torchwood, Small Worlds & From Out of the Rain. In regards to Hammond’s work, Big Finish producer David Richardson mentions Torchwood and it is the first time that I have heard Torchwood mentioned on a Big Finish release.
As Paradise 5 was replaced by Terror of the Vervoids for the Trial season, it therefore originally had Mel, not Peri as the companion. One can only wonder whether Bonnie Langford as Mel would have done as well as Nicola Bryant had she been in this story.
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