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Old 01-03-2011, 11:44 AM
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Way too many questions please help !!

My husband is in the process of negotiations of his contract to move to Port Moresby from Brisbane. We have a 2yo girl, 5yo boy and 7yo boy.

Even if you can only answer ONE of my questions that would be great.

I have a few questions regarding his contract:
1 Is it normal to get paid a $AUD salary but paid in Kina ?
2 Is Super a normal part of an expat contract (what %) ?
3 I want him to remain as an Aust resident, it's all a bit confusing but what have others done (it will be a 3 year contract, we are keeping our house in Bris).

Living Question
4 We live in Brisbane, how would you compare living costs PM to Bris ?
5 Is it fairly normal to have a cleaner (we will also want a part time nanny)...I plan to continue to work for my Brisbane via remote access) Would these 2 roles be the same person, or 2 different roles ? and what would be an approximate cost ?
6 My husband will have a car provided, I am guessing I will need a car too (is this normal both people having cars) as I will need to drop the kids at school etc, is hard/expensive to buy a car, rego, insurance, services expensive ?
7 Husband will be based at Boroko, Kids (5,7) at Boroko (Ela Murray) and youngest (2) at ELC Ela Murray (Ela Beach) (how far between the 2 schools if driving)?? Also can you recommend me a few good "areas" around that vicinity to look at accommodation (we get a living allowance).

School and Kids
Ela Murray International School is where the kids will go. Little one to Ela Murray ELC eventually. Any comments/reviews/experiences ?
8 My boys do swimming lessons, tennis and soccer - will it be possible for them to continue with at least some sports ?
9 My middle child sees a paed physio....I am prepared to just do 6 monthly flights to Bris, but any chance of finding someone like that ?

Dumb Questions
10 What about general check ups, what are the Dr's like ? Also Dentsits ?? Or are we better off doing all health/dental care in Bris ?
11 Do people not wear jewelery etc for fear of getting robbed....what about dressing down for the same reason?
12 What is the best club to meet poeople (especially with young kids) in PM. The kids and I have quite a bust social life in Bris, I want to meet people etc.

Thank you, thank you, thank you !!

Also anyone want to catch up when we finally get there ??
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Old 03-03-2011, 02:41 PM
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Ill try and help out with some of the questions

1. Very normal to be paid in AUD but received it in PGKina. Some employers will pay direct into overseas accounts while others will ask for you to open a PNG bank account. My company prefers the latter. I always to a conversion calculation for each pay to make sure its all good, but normally not an issue.

2. Yes, and contributions can be up to you

3. Dont worry about this. 3 year contract, your husband will need working resident status and the family will have dependant status. This is only for visas and does not affect you status in your home country at all

4. Sorry cant help im a kiwi

5. you can have the same person do both without any problems. Remote access to a computer system may have issues. Internet access is not that good and is very expensive.

6. Normal to have two cars. Lots of good expats at the schools you are looking at, you may be able to car pool, but if you are a confident driver, getting car up here is no problem

7. its about 15 mins drive between the two schools. As far as accom goes, rent is high and depends on where you want to live.

8. No worreis in this area

9. Sorry cant help there

10. Private medical specilist is the best ive found in Port Moresby. Clean, well equipped and professional

11. I have seen no real issue with this. Its all aobut being sensible and being aware of your surroundings at all times. Do that and you will be fine

12. Yacht Club is popular amongst expats as is the Aviat club. I would start there and widen your scope as you become more familiar with the place.

Hope that helps

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