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Old 07-05-2003, 11:04 AM
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American removal of WW2 wrecks

I have heard that there are a lot of Americans in PNG at the moment trying to and successfully removing WW2 wrecks? Is this true? Can anyone give me any information on this? Iv heard they are both going through proper channels and some are just being taken. Any help would be fantastic.

I was talking to a person who had come back from one of many visits from PNG and he said” seems you cant turn around with out seeing a Yank dragging a plane….)
The information is for a short article about when they are finished striping PNG they will start on Australia.
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Old 13-05-2003, 08:16 PM
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Fatal crash ! - long time Helicopter Pilot John Twitt dies in Lae !

Pilot killed, four survive

THE pilot of a helicopter was killed when his aircraft crashed into the sea near Lae city, just minutes after taking off last Friday morning.
Killed in the crash was John Twitt, formerly of Melbourne, Australia.

His passengers — three US army officers and an officer with the National Museum— survived, most of them without a scratch.
Only one of the US army officers had to be hospitalised after suffering injuries in the crash.

The Pacific Helicopters-owned Lhama helicopter had been contracted by Hawaii-based US Army Central Identification Laboratory (CILHI) and was on Friday morning enroute to a downed World War II crash site in Kabwum, which the team was surveying before moving personnel and equipment to the site.

The three US army survivors were part of a 13-member CILHI team preparing to excavate a crash site of a WW II B-24D aircraft that went down in 1943 at Kabwum.

Following the crash, the CILHI team has suspended operations and has left Lae, on their way back to Hawaii. An investigation is being made into the cause of the crash.

Bumbu settlement on the fringes of Lae city, was jolted awake early on Friday soon after 6am by a loud bang near the shoreline.

Residents of the settlement rushed to the beach to sea the helicopter sink in 10 meters of water, about 100 meters from the shore.

Village councillor Steven Singat was the first to react, racing to the water with a float to assist the survivors who had struggled free from the sinking helicopter to surface.

“I heard the loud bang and joined the other people who were rushing to the beach. From the shore I could see four people swimming on the surface of the sea, about 100 meters out,” Mr Singat said.

He said the sea had been rough and the water murky, as it was close to the mouth of the Bumbu River.

He said he had helped one of the army officers on to the float, then noticed the other person was a Papua New Guinean, and had asked him in tok pisin if he was alright.

When he got an affirmative reply, Mr Singat swam to a third person, who was holding on to the pilot.

Mr Singat said he took over from the army officer, and with the help of other village youth, who had brought out a canoe, they swam back to shore.

“I could see that the pilot was not moving and not breathing,” he said.
He said on the beach, the other army officers, with the help of the village youth, did a CPR to try to resuscitate him. The survivors and pilot where taken to the Angau Hospital in the vehicle of the village pastor. The pilot was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

When the Post-Courier visited the hospital, the survivors looked shaken but without any visible injuries. Only one of them had to be taken to the Intensive Care Unit, where he recovered.

Angau Hospital Chief Executive Officer Margaret Samei said this was the first time the hospital had to deal with helicopter crash survivors. But she said the medical officers and nursing sisters coped well.

The body of the pilot was flown to Port Moresby to the Funeral Homes also on Saturday.

Source : Post Courier - Monday 12th May, 2003
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Old 13-05-2003, 08:21 PM
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Pilot ‘medical finding’

INVESTIGATORS in the helicopter crash at sea near Lae city last Friday suspect that the pilot may have been “medically incapacitated” while

Senior Aircraft Accident Investigator with the Bureau of Air Safety Investigations Alan Yarnold, who was in Lae at the weekend to carry out preliminary investigations on the crash, said there is strong suspicion the pilot may have suffered a medical condition soon after take off, which stopped him from controlling the aircraft.

The pilot, John Twitt, formerly of Melbourne, Australia, who had worked with the Pacific Helicopters for four years, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Angau Memorial Hospital, after CPR at the crash site failed.

His four passengers, including three US army officers and an officer from the PNG National Museum, survived.

Mr Yarnold said the term “medically incapacitated” was to mean any medical condition that would have stopped the pilot from controlling the aircraft, such as a stroke.

He said from Madang, where he is heading investigations into the two Islands Airways plane crashes recently, there had been nothing wrong with the helicopter and apparently no engine problems.

He said the US army officers on board the helicopter were very experienced men with many hours travel in helicopters and would have known if there was an engine problem. The pilot had not sounded any warning of the helicopter developing problems.

Source : Post Courier Tuesday 13 May 2005
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