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Old 06-03-2008, 08:04 AM
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CIC Coffee Corruption

Ricky Mitio: The Papua New Guinea CIC chief executive

In today's hostile world of business corruption, greed and where cash is king, is no one safe? Even the small country of Papua New Guinea and it's Coffee Growing farmers are not exempt.

One man through his own greed and power and the love of cash has been brought to justice, hopefully for a long time.

Small holding farmers recently won there court case to sell and export there own crops, by overcoming obstacles put in the way by the big man wielding the stick.

It is alleged by a few that if you have cash under the table to give, you can have anything.

The questions asked about Ricky Mitio are

1) What does he do with those bags of money, anyone who needs an export licence, meet THE MAN give him the cash and you are an exporter simple isn't it??

2) Favoring a few is abuse of power, how far will this guy go??

3) If you have cash - you are Ricky Mitio's friend

4) Young girls and beauty queens, WHY OH WHY OH WHY???

Personal gain, and his greed drives his decisions for coffee Industry Corp (CIC) of Papua New Guinea.

If this is true should not the government or at least the industry he works for put a stop to this asap.

You see this in lots of African countries where the people starve and the corrupt grow strong, don't let this happen in PNG.

Have your say, speak up and stop people like this man from recking lives, everyone should be given equal opportunity, not just the ones who pay back handers to circumvent the system.

Enough is Enough

Court Story Here
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Old 11-03-2008, 07:47 PM
KMR Gan KMR Gan is offline
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Why cant the little man who grow coffee without fertilizer, without pesticides, without herbicide be able to sell his produce over-sea freely? Give him the b........y licience.
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Old 13-03-2008, 02:01 AM
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Equalizer agrees with KMR Gan Post

More corruption and abuse exercised by Ricky Mitio ................
Using his Coffee Industry Corporation position he relentlessly lobbied the government to implement a pesticide program for coffee farmers. The story goes that this will improve quality and yields. Sounds good on the surface BUT the insecticide purchases came from Ricky Mitios Chemical company. Double dipping and flagrant abuse of his position and power.
Time for this man to be fully exposed and get him out before he does more damage.

What about the MOA from Mainland Holdings to New Guinea Spice and Tea that he orchestrated.

Enough is enough says the little coffee farmer ...................
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Old 16-03-2008, 01:24 AM
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Face of Corruption - Ricky Mitio

This has been passed on to us, the alledge face of corruption in the coffee and other PNG businesses

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