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plant cloneing

The technique of efficient & rapid non-tube plant clone uses only one leaf or one bud of the plant, which is like the micro material unit of tube propagation cultivating with a short length or pointed end of the plant stem. It is inoculated directly on the sand bed of the field with simple conditions. This can make the separated material of most economic plant grow to be an entire plant within 4-11 days after second generation. The survival rate will reach to 80-100%. It will produce a generation within 20-60 days. They will propagate efficiently and rapidly by geometric series. The coefficient of propagation will reach to over 2-15,higher than that in test-tube. Completely apart from the tube, and under a simple condition, the efficient and rapid propagation has been realized while many kinds of plants can get the result only in the test-tube. Having been researched, tested, developed, produced and spread in many areas with various climates all over the country, the technique has come to be of an entire technical system. It is a mature technique. With simple condition many special trained common people can carry the work out directly in the field, therefore the technique of rapid propagation is made to be passed on easily and to be popular. It promotes the efficiency of comprehensive rapid propagation in practice, and reduces the cost of industrial seedling-growing to its maximum limit (the amount of nonrecurring investment is several ten times less than that of tissue culture. It has overcome all the demerits of tube tissue culture and the conventional ways. It keeps and brings into play to the merits of the both--tube and conventional). The ratio of returns on investment reaches to 1:5 --1:10. It economizes the raw plant materials greatly, to start the propagation only with one micro leaf or bud of the plant. Most plants can produce ten thousands or even ten millions of pure sprouts (seedlings) within a year.

Advantages compared with tube tissue culture and conventional seedling-growing ways, Characteristics of the technique in use:
1.Use one leaf or one bud as the unit material of propagation, inoculate it directly on the sand bed of the field or in the nutrition bag, it will grow into a nursery-grown plant, ready for production without any movement. High is the survival rate.

2.Whether in the south or north, different latitude or different soil, or different climate, the propagation can be made to happen all the year round. Plant of most kinds can produce 6-12 generations. The technique can be influenced by no season. The work can be done on everyday of the year. The propagation will increase by geometric series. The production can be started at anytime of the year. The time and space of the technique in use are expanded.

3.High is the rate of popularization. A common labor can inoculate 5000 unit materials each day (8 hours). So, the first is that it doesn't require high quality of the technicians. It has a broad adaptability and can be spread easily. The second is that the personal operation speed is faster than that of tissue culture and conventional ways. It is easy for industrialization.

4.Less steps for operation, it's simple, and easy for a special trained person to master. It can be widely applied production. It fits for industrial seedling-growing in large scale. Common labor can take part in the work of rapid propagation, and also in a very high speed (Greatly it can cut down manpower expenses and raise labor efficiency).

5.Easy is it to be operated, and industrialized. One skilled technician can produce and manage 3-5 ten-thousand nursery-grown plants. One common person who has been trained for 3 months or more can produce 30-60 ten-thousand sprouts. High benefit will be obtained.

6.As for most plants, an entire regenerated plant with developed roots will be got within 4-11 days. The survival rate is high. Usually one has 3-6 roots, and even 30-40 roots. After the second generation, the regenerated rate will be 80-95% or more. The root-striking needs a short time and the speed of propagation is fast. After sprouting the plant will grow to be an entire one. And after 15-50 days' training, it can be moved out of the garden for transplanting. Rapid propagation is factually realized.

7.After the second generation, most kinds of plant will produce the next generation within 20-60 days. The coefficient of propagation of each generation is as much as 2-15 times. (This has the same merit as that of tube tissue culture)

8.Less is the technical steps, and it takes a short time. It reduces the comprehensive productive cost much, and increase the productive rate of the labor. The amount of the nonrecurring investment is comparatively lower. The cost is low. It is without any conditions in the lab. The simple apparatus costs several ten times less as that of tissue culture, several times less than that of conventional ways. It economizes the raw materials. The amount of the separated unit materials used is 3-8 times less than that of the conventional ways. The inoculating speed is 3-5 times faster than that of tissue culture. The labor efficiency is high. It starts the propagation with micro materials, and cultivate them nonrecurringly into nursery plants that grow well under natural condition. Most kinds of plant need only 15-60 days' of culture, and ready for productive plantation. The regenerated plant is strong, and with promising high-yield, showing early blossoming and bearing fruits, (e.g tomato, blossom and bear fruits in 20 days; wolfberry, blossom and bear fruits within a year still in the garden; virus-free potatoes, one-leaf or one-bud inoculated, divided into small potatoes within 40 days, yield big potatoes in the same year, if transplanted into field, the same year yield amount can reach to 3-4 tons per mu. Not only does it economize 150 kg of seed potatoes for the farmers, but also make the farmers able to plant potato of its ancestor; cutting Chinese rose, no need transplanting, flower in 70 days, the flower is big and bright. The flowering phase is longer than those cultivated by other ways.)

9.The mature sprouts cultivated with this technique are of high purity, without diseases or insect pests, with 3-6 fully-developed roots, as long as 25 cm. The mature bud is plump. The stem is 20-60 cm high. Its survival rate is up to 90% or more when planted in the field.

10.During the plant-growing season , the green sprouts inoculated directly in the nutrition bags are of high purity, without disease or insect pests.3-5 leaves will grow out with 3-6 roots. The axillary buds are plump. The germinating ability is strong. The root system is well developed. The quality of being trained is high .The survival rate is over 95% when transplanted into field. For the well-developed root system, the growing speed of the sprouts is faster than that of the sprouts by conventional cuttage. (eg. new poplar, grows 3-5 cm high in a year; olive, its nursery sprout can grow 70 cm high.)
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Plant Cloning


Could you email me at lengakiki@hotmail.com with details?. I am interested

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