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Old 13-05-2003, 11:14 PM
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Nius Bilong Yumi for 2003


A newsletter for former students and staff of Lae International High School and the senior campus of The International School of Lae

Greetings one and all. Here’s the first edition of Nius Bilong Yumi for 2003 – a little later than expected but better late than never.

Thanks to all of you who continue to stay in contact and provide the news and updates which keep this newsletter going. Since the last newsletter in October 2002, quite a few “new” people have been added to the contact list, while several previously "lost" people have now been found, all of which is terrific news. Please keep the news, articles, updates, etc flowing through. Your fellow readers will be most interested in hearing even the smallest of anecdotes!

Don’t forget, if you know of any other ex-LIHS/TISOL people who may be interested in being on the circulation list for this newsletter, please pass on their contact details or have them contact AlumniLIHS directly.

Please note the change of contact details, particularly the email address, for AlumniLIHS which are as follows:

Postal Address: GPO Box 1003, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia.
E-mail Address: alumnilihs@yahoo.com.au
Telephone: (08) 8361 7325 (within Australia); +61 8 8361 7325 (from overseas)
Nius Bilong Yumi editor: Brenton Clark

Remember when…..

If you want to contribute some thoughts about a particular event or activity that happened during your time at the school, or interesting extracts from old school magazines, etc, just send in your contribution. Many thanks to the following people for their recollections for this edition:

Leonard Colquhoun :

“I have vivid memories of the Melanesian Marriage of Mathematics McPhail, generally because I, along with all the party, had a smashing good time, and, in particular for the delayed return to Lae, where a skeleton staff had to carry on while the bulk of us were stranded because of bad flying conditions (and how distressed we were - ha ha ha) at the resort [the name of which I've forgotten].

Another enduring memory is of the 3rd level plane I was in, on the flight back to Lae, getting "stuck" between two banks of clouds and having to fly round in a big circle for what seemed a very very very long time, looking for a "hole in the clouds". Interesting, especially watching the twin fuel gauges showing how the needles were getting closer to the [E] mark !!”

[Editor’s note: this a further reflection on the McPhail’s wedding which has been THE topic of recollection for the past few editions of this newsletter – keep them coming in! If we eventually manage to get back in touch with the McPhail’s, I am sure they would appreciate your memories of that special occasion.]

Peta Hamlyn :

“To all my Biology students who went to Buso on the Biology trips in 1980 and 1981- even though I continued to be a Biology teacher for another 12 years, no other excursions have even come close to the fantastic location and incredible biodiversity as well as the great experience as those two trips - very memorable.

The people who went must remember the romances that blossomed on the trips - Julius Velarus (who was driving the Pelgen's boat) and Louise.

The scary night with Theo Pelgen with the insect (probably a centipede) that had bitten him on the eyelid and we couldn't return to Lae that night and had to return the next day after nursing (especially Kim Forsyth) him through the night with him writhing in pain and his face blowing up like a balloon.

I enjoyed teaching in PNG more than in Australia - I found the students in general nicer, better behaved and much more mature and worldly wise at Lae International High than the students I have taught in Australia.

I am no longer a Biology teacher (they kept giving me too many maths classes) - I continued my education and did my Masters in Guidance and Counselling and I am now a Guidance Officer.”

Tom Hilpert (1982-1986) :

“Here's a piece that I think might interest and touch some people. It was published in the March 2002 issue of "Among Worlds" magazine - a publication for the likes of us, who grew up in a place our parents were not from.”

I'm standing on top of the water tower, though it's kind of against the rules, watching the sun go down. From Lae, the sun sets into the Markham Valley.

The coconut trees outline the path it takes, and the mountains form a border on either side. The western sky is burnt gold, sliding quickly from the midnight blue approaching from the east.

From here I'm so high it almost seems like I can see the Ramu Valley too. I've been there of course. In fact I've taken the very road the sun takes. I'll be taking it again soon - for the last time.

I feel the cool breeze up here, and I think I must leave soon. Dad always says the sun sets so quickly here in the tropics. He says there's no real dusk here, like there is in America. One minute it's day, and then it's night. Dad is always saying things like that, but we love him anyway.

In some ways, it feels like my life is ending, and I suppose that in some ways it is. If I am never diagnosed with a terminal disease, I think that even so, in some small measure, I will understand what it feels like. In a certain, particular sense, I am about to die. I know this to be certainly true. My friends know it too. I am reticent.

They treat me with special care, as if to ease the pain of my passing. Only we understand that I am dying. And we know that it will come to us all someday - an untimely death - the death of a home that was precarious to begin with. The death of a culture so small that few are even aware it exists.

My friends, my home, my past, my roots - everything that for me has been my life, will soon be extinct, and I will be extinct to them. I am leaving my adopted land, and the bite is, I had no choice in coming, and none in leaving. We grow to love it, though we know it can't last. I find no bitterness in me - only sorrow.

A deep and abiding hole so great that it will take death - real, physical death - to alter it in some way - either by increasing it and making it eternal - or by replacing it with the supreme stunning reality of the presence of God in a real place that some call heaven, and I call home.

Surely we are all strangers in this world, yet none are so keenly aware of it as the children of third culture - those who are not of their parents' country, and yet neither of the place they live. I am of these.
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Then and Now

Any views from recent visitors to Lae and those still living there would be very welcome for future newsletters.

Clifford Soo (1994)

“A piece I wrote after my recent trip to PNG.”

I often, unintentionally, substitute reality with sentiment. The coloured glasses that are tinted by romantic memories of yester-year, cloud and obscure the sometimes harsh, sometimes unavoidable fact that life as we remembered is no longer.

Following six long years, I ventured back to the shores that often grace my thoughts. I visited Lae in September last year.

Unlike the proverbial mid-life crisis that supposedly strikes and consumes even the most stout hearted individual, my visit to Lae was not laced with a desire to re-visit former glories, provide closure on a life once lived, break the shackles of some ghost that still haunts me or to search for or reclaim the inner-child.

While purely a family business trip, I must admit, sitting on the Qantas flight from Brisbane to Port Moresby, I wished I was anywhere but…..

And then it greeted me. The warm and humid breeze, that so often jumps the cue in front of longed-for family and friends, welcomes the traveller at the cabin door. Like the gentle, reassuring hand of a friend, it encouraged me down onto the tarmac and persuaded me that time can stand still.

Familiar sights, familiar sounds, familiar smells; like our favourite pair of jeans, fitted comfortably after all these years.

While my visit was brief, I was able to catch-up with a few people who once shared a part of my life. The faces have aged, the movements have slowed, the youthful exuberance that once graced their soul has matured into the acceptance of responsibility and duty, but the spirit remains unquestionably intact.

Some buildings (landmarks which we often used as children to determine where we should meet friends for lunch on a Saturday) no longer stand. Some have been left neglected and abused. Some have changed owners and have been remodelled, repainted and no longer display the character that once made them a familiar friend.

While I could never return to PNG and recommence a life I once knew, like many of us who have been given the opportunity to live in a place so vastly removed from what we know of the world, I remain captive to the simplicity, rawness and unashamed beauty that is Papua New Guinea.
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Interesting books/publications :

If anyone knows of PNG related books or publications which may be of interest to people receiving this newsletter, just let AlumniLIHS know the details for inclusion in future editions.

The following publications may be of interest :

NEW!! “Markham Tom” by Tom Leahy who tells about his time in the Morobe District, his family, etc. Jim Dudgeon advised of this book and noted that it contained many great stories, including Tom’s time as a Member of Parliament. According to Jim, the book is put out by TJ&PM and its ISBN is 1 86333 242 1. An article about the book can be found on the Toowoomba Chronicle web site:

"Territory Kids" by Genevieve Rogers Released in 2000. The publisher is Seaview Press and the contact details are as follows: PO Box 234, Henley Beach SA 5022, Australia.
Tel: (08) 8235 1535. Fax: (08) 8235 9144. Cost is $A39.60 plus postage and handling.

Publisher's summary :

"Territory of Papua and New Guinea 1945-1975. The Territory Kids have a unique place in Australian history: they are the children of Australia’s only colony and their story is unlike any other Australian story. The European children of the Australian colonial presence in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea speak here of their childhoods in a place now lost to history forever.

The Territory Kids recall with affection and insight the place and the people of their formative years. Theirs is a moving tribute to the extraordinary environment in which they were fashioned in circumstances radically different from the Australian mainland which had formed their own parents.

From the awesome power of volcanoes and tidal waves to the wonder and magic of the sing sings; from the tedium of correspondence education to the emotional wrench of ‘going South’ to Australian boarding schools; from the caring ministrations of the bois and meris to the demands of mainland life, the Territory Kids drew lessons and life experience which set them apart from other Australians.

With the robustness peculiar to children everywhere they seized the opportunities in their small world, and they look back now with few regrets. Their recollections are charming, frank, refreshing and perceptive: a vivid recreation of a time and a place now gone. Foreword by the Hon Alastair Nicholson, AO RFD, Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia. 256 pages, B5, ISBN 1740080874."

“Golden Gateway: Lae & the Province of Morobe” by James Sinclair. Released in December 1998. The publisher is Crawford House and the contact details are as follows: PO Box 181, Hindmarsh SA 5007, Australia. Tel: (08) 8340 1411. Fax: (08) 8340 1811. Cost is $A59.95 plus postage & handling.

Publisher's summary:

“Lae, second city of Papua New Guinea, was born of gold. This book tells of the discovery, prospectors, the great mining companies, the extraordinary developments in civil aviation that followed the discovery. It tells, too, the history of Morobe Province, from its settlement by the Germans, through World War II, to the present.

Profusely illustrated with 354 black-and-white photographs and four maps, this large volume will be of immense interest to the thousands of Australians who, over the years, lived, fought and worked in Lae, Wau, Bulolo and Salamaua. xvi + 470 pages, 289 x 214 mm, hardcover, ISBN 1 86333 149 2.”

“Una Voce” – the journal of the Retired Officers Association of Papua New Guinea Inc. It is published quarterly and membership of the Association is open to anyone who has lived in PNG or who has an abiding interest in the country. The annual fee is $A12 and application forms are available from: The Secretary, ROAPNG Inc, PO Box 452, Roseville NSW 2069, Australia.

ROAPNG has also published a book "Tales of Papua New Guinea" which contains a selection of some of the best stories, articles and anecdotes from past issues of Una Voce. 200 pages, hard cover, more than 50 illustrations, ISBN 0-9579695-0-3. Cost for non-ROAPNG members is $A30 plus postage and handling. Contact details: PO Box 342, Lane Cove NSW 2066, Australia. Tel: (02) 9428 2078 or (02) 9876 6178. E-mail: lapun@ozemail.com.au.

“Garamut” – the journal of the Gold Coast Papua New Guinea Club, Inc. It is published quarterly and the annual fee is $A8 for single membership and $A10 for married membership. Subscription forms are available from: The Hon Secretary, GCPNGC, PO Box 951, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia.
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Interesting web sites

The following internet web sites may be of interest. Thanks to those of you who sent in the latest ones.

NEW!! Pages and pages of the 1980 Lae International High School magazine have been reproduced on this website thanks to Papua New Guinea Tourism & Business Directory and the Thomas family.

CLICK HERE to be taken to this area of our website :
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NEW!! The Papua New Guinea Gossip Newsletter:

NEW!! The National newspaper:

NEW!! An article entitled “Papua New Guinea on the Brink” (Issue Analysis 30) from the Centre for Independent Studies:

SchoolFriends: An excellent site for Australian school alumni information, including overseas Australian schools such as LIHS which is listed as "Lae High School Papua New Guinea" (where there are 108 students and 1 staff member listed), "Lae International High School" (42 and 2) and "International School of Lae" (4 and 1). It is a very user friendly site and easy to navigate. Add your name when you get the time!

Alumni Net : A site dedicated to school alumni information, with a link having been established for LIHS. However, the site is becoming increasingly difficult to use, especially when trying to send messages – and too much advertising gets in the way.

Rob’s PNG Links: A comprehensive site listing many PNG related links. Also check out Rob's Dreambook - you might come across a familiar name or two - and you can add your own if you wish.

PNG Business Resources Directory: (this website pngbd) Another excellent site listing PNG related web sites, including a useful forum area (including a schools one which includes LIHS/TISOL) and a PNG flight schedule section.

International Education Agency of PNG: This site includes information on the international schools in PNG (not just LIHS/TISOL).

Air Niugini:

Post Courier Newspaper:

Telikom PNG Limited: The site includes a searchable PNG White Pages telephone directory.

Wantok's Forum:

Expat Expert: An interesting site for “expats”.

If you want to bring other internet sites to the attention of readers of this newsletter, please send the information to AlumniLIHS for inclusion in future editions.

Can you help ?

AlumniLIHS is still looking for copies of the school’s magazines from 1988, 1989, 1991, 1995, 1996 and 1999 to have as a source of information for future editions of the newsletter. If anyone has a spare copy of any of the magazines from these years (or could lend a copy to be photocopied and then returned to you), please contact AlumniLIHS.
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LETTERS RETURNED: AlumniLIHS has no current contact details for the people listed below, with letters and/or e-mails to the relevant addresses being returned over the years. Do you know of any alternative contact details for any of these people (or a relative)? If so, please send the details, or get them to contact AlumniLIHS directly, as it would be great to again get in touch with these people.

AZIZ, Nasser
BAGO, Maribeth
BEBB, David & Kathy
BLACK, Joanne, Linda & Susan
BORDIA, Sandeep
CARR, Colin & Gillian
CHAMBERS, Jody & Cilla
CHANG, Dorian
CHEUNG, Justin
CHEUNG, Sharyn
COLLINS, Melanie
COOK, Kelly
COX, Desiree
CUYNO, Maian
DALE, Chris & Nick
EDIE, Malcolm & Ann-Marie
EDWARDS, Rebecca
FINN, Stewart & Sue
FLEET, Wendi
FRIEDRICH, Catharina
GILMORE, Anna-Maria
GRAF, Hanspeter
GREEN, Stacey
GROAT, Andrew
HAYES, Dorcas
HUNTER, Kim & Scott
JOLLY, Anthony & Michael
KILIAN, Valerie
KILROY, Vicki & Michael
KISH, Bradley
KOHN, Troy
KOHN (DUN), Karen-Lee
KWAN, Valerie
LEO, Chris
LEWIS, Justin
LIM, Ian
LITZ, Kerstin
MAAMO, Ellenette (Lee)
McGREE, Tanya
McGREGOR, Leeander
McKENNA, Cathy,Matthew, Stephen
McPHEE, Fiona
NAIME, Andrew
NALU, David
NEEDHAM, Richard & Chris
NILAN, Diane
NING, Jodie
ONG, David
OWENS, Carwin
PAVEY, Robert
PEATY, Brett & Larry
PORTER, Jeanne
ROBSON, Kelvin & Kim
SALES, David
SHARMA, Kiran & Neena
SMALL, Gareth
SMITH, Karen
TUPOU, Tamataane
TURNER, Kellie & Scott
WAMIRI, Albert
WATSON, Tracey
WEBER, Hayley
WHIPPY, Jannette
WRIGHT, Janeene
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If you know the whereabouts of ex LIHS Students, please email Brenton Clark

Postal Address: GPO Box 1003, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia.
E-mail Address: alumnilihs@yahoo.com.au
Telephone: (08) 8361 7325 (within Australia); +61 8 8361 7325 (from overseas)
Nius Bilong Yumi editor: Brenton Clark
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I'm one of the 'lost' children in your list Catharina Friedrich! I actually recognise my face in quite a few of the photos from Bulae & I havent gone through the LIHS threads as yet. I do have a LIHS 1982 yearbook if anyone is interested. Does anyone remember anything about the Unitech Tennis club or were members of the Lae Yacht Club? If so drop me a line as I'm trying to chase up friends of my parents - Harry (mechanical engineering, unitech) & Willy (tennis coach unitech).
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