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Socio-economic Development Planner Seeking Work In Melanesia. 15+ Yrs. Experience



Henry H. Kellam III, PhD
2024-A Park Ave.
Richmond, VA. 23220 USA
Ph/Fax/Message: +1 (804) 278-8728
Email: hkellam@comcast.net

- Decentralised (Sector wide) development planning, training, capacity building and implementation.
- Strengthening of Decentralisation management/policy & inter-government ‘sector wide’ co-operation & co-ordination through public sector reform programmes for improved delivery of basic services.
- Elaborating activities for localizing government planning, delivery of services, developing appropriate financial management systems, project identification, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
- Training trainers in the “Project Cycle”, fiscal/budget management, implementation and M&E.
- Adviser–Counterpart relations in participatory, transparent and integrated approaches.
- Heightening the awareness of gender related issues and HIV/AIDS through participatory training.
- Urban & Regional Planning, i.e. housing/shelter, zoning, land use, infrastructure rehabilitation.
- Community/rural development of water supply, sanitation, hygiene and health education.
- Linking integrated management methodologies to poverty eradication for greater sustainability.
- Public/private sector institution building for urban/rural areas to include enterprise development.
- Institutionalizing participatory integrated development processes at the local government level.
- Workshop facilitation/moderation in Target/Goal Oriented Project Planning (GOPP/ZOPP/PRA’s).
- Socio-economic surveys, studies in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for spatial planning.
- Long experience with personal computers in a wide variety of software applications.
- Strong cross-cultural, interpersonal, conflicts resolution, crisis intervention, counseling, people management skills and communication strategies.


- DOCTORATE IN INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS: Graduated 1994 Pacific-Western University, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
- MASTER OF SCIENCE IN URBAN & REGIONAL PLANNING: Graduated 1984. Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, USA.
- BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN URBAN & REGIONAL PLANNING: Graduated 1979. East Carolina University, Greenville, N.C. USA.

- ENGLISH: Mother Tongue
- MELANESIAN PIDJIN: Fluent both spoken/written in Solomon Islands, PNG and Vanuatu.


Evaluation and revisions to the Annual Impact, Monitoring and Evaluation Systems (AIMES) used by CCF National and Project offices for annual reporting to the Headquarters.

6/01-11/01 SOCIAL SECTOR PLANNING SPECIALIST (NATHAN & ASSOCIATES, INC.) Nathan Associates, Inc., 2101 Wilson Blvd, Suite 1200, Arlington, VA 22201
- Contracted to produce a 15 year Health and Education Infrastructure Development Plan for the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and four states: Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei and Yap.
- Refine/recommended systems and practices for the improved delivery and decentralization of health and education services at the State and Municipal (local) level.
- Conducted a comprehensive conditions survey of all elementary, secondary, tertiary, vocational schools, State hospitals, dispensaries and health centers in the FSM and make recommendations on 15 year requirements, i.e. renovation, expansion, new construction etc.
- Provided detailed cost requirements for all Health and Education facilities, phasing over a 15-year period and cost recovery analysis of the sectors.
- Assisted in providing an analysis of the Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP) budgeting process.
- Developed recommendations on the coordination of the PSIP by all levels of government to promote new methods of the delivery of public services where resources are limited.

1/99-6/99 DECENTRALISED PLANNING CONSULTANT (UNITED NATIONS): Decentralization Secretariat, Ministry of Local Government, Uganda. UN-DESA/UNDP
- Trained in linking District Plans as a means promoting decentralized development.
- Elaborated on ‘Technical Manuals’ for District Planners and Technical Committees.
- Trained planning units, Councilors and Planning Committees in basic skills in the planning process and to promote coordination between other levels of government for better delivery of services.
- Trained District Planners in data analysis and interpretation and how this can be used to prepare development plans including setting of strategies and objectives.
- Developed financial management systems to enable local/lower level governments to plan, coordinate, implement, monitoring, evaluation and carry out revenue collection.

8/96-11/98 PLANNING ADVISER, PROVINCIAL DEVELOPMENT PLANNING PROJECT (GTZ): Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), Southern Province, Zambia.
- Advised in the strengthening of Local Government institutions in SP and assist the district administrations to build up capacities for performing the following functions:
- Delivered improved basic Social Services to the majority of the population with special emphasis on health, education, the rural population, gender, and on poverty reduction;
- Effected data management, planning and coordination of all development activities of Local Government and Government Organizations (e.g. Department’s of, Health, Education, shelter development) NGO’s and Private Sector Organizations;
- Planned and coordinated water supply, sanitation and health education interventions.
- Empowering the communities in SP districts to effectively participate in the process of socio-economic decision making by initiating and coordinating participatory community development mobilization involving all organizations in the respective districts;
- Operationalizing a decentralized District Development Fund for greater self-reliance/ownership.

1/96-7/96 DECENTRALISATION ADVISOR (UNITED NATIONS CONSULTANT): Decentralization Secretariat (DS), Ministry of Local Government Uganda. UNOPS/UNDP
- Advised DS on Social Sector strategies in harmony with the Decentralization Law;
- Advised DS on elaborating guidelines for decentralized district planning focusing on training materials for training of trainers/District Planners in formulating District Development Plans;
- Advised in producing a series of handbooks on decentralized district planning for government Ministries, Local Councils and the public at large to help facilitate a greater understanding of decentralization as well as coordination for planning at the district level for better delivery of services.
- Advised on practical and sustainable fiscal decentralistion models at the District level.

Prepared a Wage/Labor Competitiveness Study for the Northern Mariana Islands, CNMI.

5/93-5/94 ECONOMIC PLANNER, OFFICE OF PLANNING & STATISTICS (FSM): Palikir, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). National Office of Planning & Statistics
- Advised on Socio-Economic policy and management reform:
- Reviewed National/State Devt Plans as they relate to Social Sector implementation and M&E;
- Improved operational linkages between the National & State Office's of Planning & Statistics in order to enhance the overall effectiveness of planning, plan implementation and macro-economic management and Social Sector development at all levels of government;
- Assisted the National Government in developing a Pubic Sector Investment Program (PSIP).
- Liaison with multi/bi-lateral and NGO delegates as well as organized training/workshops in various areas of socio-economic planning.

8/92-3/93 SUB-NATIONAL (DECENTRALISATION) PLANNING ADVISOR (UNITED NATIONS): Lilongwe, Malawi. UN-DESD/UNDP: Malawi Economic Planning and Development
- Defined present planning linkages between national and district level government and made recommendations for workable structures (including financial management systems) and thereafter assisted in strengthening the local level capacity to coordinate, plan, develop and implement programs/projects in harmony with national ministry planning and development;
- Establish guidelines for the preparation of District Development. Plans, District Development Fund and organized workshops on new approaches, based upon the government's decentralization policy, regarding district Socio-Economic development activities that coincided with the UNDP/Malawi 5th Country Program on Management for Development.

- Produced the Chuuk State 5-Year Comprehensive Development Plans (92-96);
- Advised municipalities in the formulation of 5 year municipal development plans;
- Conduct workshops for municipalities/state regional development authorities regarding Social and Economic development planning at the community level;
- Advised in developing a project/plan monitoring system for the effective implementation of state and municipal development funds;
- Trained eight counterpart staff and state/municipal representatives in development planning;
- Advised the state executive branch on all aspects of socio-economic issues;
- Liaison with international aid organizations missions;
- Prepared Macro-Project proposals in areas of priority importance for the government;
- Performed duties as UNDP Representative for the FSM (1-5/92).

- Contacted numerous Donor organizations, Central, Provincial, District and Local Government bodies for independent research regarding “Decentralised Development Planning, Coordination and the Delivery of Basic Services”. Paper presented to ADB East 3 Division in March 1990.

10/86-9/89 SENIOR PROVINCIAL PLANNING ADVISOR (US PEACE CORPS): Tulagi, Central Province, Solomon Islands.
- Coordinate Social, Economic and Physical planning at the provincial level;
- Advise provincial administration in annual programming and budgeting;
- Elaborate the 1st Central Province 5-Yr Development Plan - (87-92), in coordination with the provincial executive branch, national government ministries, and the UN-DTCD (SOI/85/003) project team responsible for long-range planning efforts;
- Work with area councilmen/village chiefs to identify and prepare projects for submission to national ministries for funding;
- Advised in establishing a Provincial Development Fund for the delivery of basic services;
- Conducted assessments of development proposals and evaluated their impact on the community, culture, and environment; Training coordination with University of Solomon’s for provincial center, sub-station and rural development center structure plans.

- Evaluate present zoning ordinance & its impact on urban housing if fully enforced;
- Work closely with the City Attorney/City Manager to research, investigate and test precedent setting cases in court; Work closely with community organization groups, other public service offices and the private sector on planning related projects and programs; Worked on various urban revitalization projects.

- Interpretation/enforcement of county's zoning ordinance monitoring 40-50 cases at a time;
- Prepared cases for court; Consulted with County Attorney and provided testimony;
- Work with dev’t review division evaluating new commercial and subdivision proposals;
- Supervised and train undergraduate interns.

12/82-5/84 COMMUNITY ORGANISER/NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSING SERVICES: Richmond, VA, USA. NHS is federally funded and established to assist and target, low-income, high homeowner neighborhoods in the revitalization of their community:
- Coordinating program development and operations with director; Plan and prioritize work activities with neighborhood committee; Served as a technical expert/trainer in workshops and community board meetings; Assist rehabilitation specialist with on-site consulting and acted as liaison for NHS during meetings with local businesses and city hall departments;
- Compile/analyze data in order to draw a community profile, developed maps and flow charts for identification, organization/tracking of community needs; Design RNHS newsletter; Organized community activities/fund raising; Designed/analyzed community attitude survey.

- Worked in low-income communities (federally funded program).
- Conduct/analyzed community surveys, developed base maps, conduct neighborhood housing studies, worked with low-income community groups identifying problems & solutions; Assisted in updating the city's comprehensive development plan.

1. Analysis/Recommendations for Social Sector (Health & Education) Development in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM); Conditions Survey of all Health and Education Facilities in the FSM, Nathan Associates, Inc., FSM Department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure, 9/2001.
2. Project Planning & Management/Template Manual for Uganda Local Government Development Plans, Decentralization Secretariat, Ministry of Local Government, UN-DESA, UNDP/Kampala, 1999.
3. Formulation of Local Government Development Plans in Uganda, Decentralization Secretariat, Ministry of Local Government, Approved by the Ministry of Local Government on 2/1999.
4. A Strategic District Planning Manual, Southern Province, Zambia (Team Leader), (GTZ)/Lusaka, 1998.
5. Guidelines for Decentralized District Planning in Uganda, Decentralization Secretariat, MoLG, UNDP/Kampala, 1996.
6. Wage/Labor Competitiveness Study for the Northern Mariana Islands, CNMI, Development Associates, Inc.,1995.
7. The Social & Economic Ramifications of the US Compact Final Step-down (2003) for the freely associated exfacto Trust Territories in Micronesia, USDI, Overseas Territories, Hawaii, Washington D.C, 1994.
8. 5th and 6th Annual Report of the Receipt & Expenditure of Funds Made Under the Compact of Free Association and Review of Compact Effectiveness, Palikir, Pohnpei. Ratified by the FSM Congress on 3/94. Submitted to the U.S. Congress in 4/94 and approved by the U.S. Department's of State, Interior and OTIA on April 6, 1994 as meeting the requirements under the Compact of Free Association.
9. Review of Existing/Proposed FSM Major Infrastructure Which Highlights Fisheries Development, Palikir, Pohnpei, Pre-pared for the FSM President and the National Leadership Conference (Feb. 28 -March 4, 1994). Approved at the Governor's Conference (DEFAC) on March 8, 1994.
10. A Practical Manual for Malawi District Development and Aid Coordination, Lilongwe, UNDP/UN-DDSMS, 1992.
11. Chuuk State Five-Year Comprehensive Development Plan 1992-1996, Volumes I & II, Weno, Chuuk, FSM. Submitted to the Chuuk State Legislature on May 14, 1992 and was ratified by the Chuuk Legislature on Jan. 27, 1993 and signed by the Governor of Chuuk State the same day.
12. “Decentralised Planning, Coordination and the Delivery of Basic Services”. Paper presented to ADB East 3 Division in 3/90.
13. The 1st Central Province Development Plan 1987-92. Tulagi, Solomon Islands, US Peace Corps, 1987.
14. Management System for Crisis Intervention. Henrico Co. VA, USA, Mental Health/Police Dept. 1984.


While assigned to several developing countries, I worked on various structural reform programs of government public service. Within the scope of decentralization policies, new responsibilities and tasks had been assigned to these local governments. In particular, they are to assume the responsibility for planning, setting in motion, coordinating and steering regional and local development processes. However, this shift proved difficult to implement owing to the frequently insufficient specialized local level capacity. The over-staffed administrations often work inefficiently. Assistance was called for with respect to training, advisory services, strengthening of the responsibility of local decision-makers in the administration and civil society, as well as structural, fiscal and organizational change.

My work concentrated on appropriate strategies that took due account of the respective human and financial resources available and being devised for the planning of public services in these countries, and for the execution of infrastructure measures. The principle of participation by the population had to be accorded due consideration. These kinds of planning efforts were vital to mobilize the people and community at large. Participation and self-help were core elements of the type of successful regional development undertaken, ensuring that the needs of the local population are indeed incorporated into development planning. I came to realize that development planning must make a realistic assessment of the development potentials - but more particularly of the limitations - of the natural and human resources in the individual localities, in order to design viable development models.

To this end, my capacity and expertise in planning and coordination had to be devised for all levels of local and regional government and at all major sectors. Most of my activities focused on the local level while coordinating operations closely with national, provincial and local institutions, organizations and NGO's.

Apart from actual organizational and planning matters, the acquisition of external funds (fund-raising), the generation of local income opportunities and assisting local governments to develop appropriate financial management systems were important in all my projects. Creating/developing good data management systems was critical to back up the planning, monitoring and evaluation of development activities. This in part was elaborated through Geographic Information Systems.

I possess long experience in rural water supply and development, sanitation/hygiene and health education. This includes coordinating the training of communities in intervention planning and management of water and sanitation facilities as well as other health education related issues, i.e. HIV/AIDS, hygiene, nutrition. I have substantial experience with rural feeder road development and rehabilitation. I have knowledge and sensitivity in promoting the roles of women in development (gender related issues). I have work with distressed children. I have extensive experience in physical, structural and land use planning, to include infrastructure inventory assessment, design and costing for rehabilitation and new construction.

(References available on request)

Henry H. Kellam III, PhD
2024-A Park Ave.
Richmond, VA. 23220 USA
Ph/Fax/Message: +1 (804) 278-8728
Email: hkellam@comcast.net
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