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Old 28-03-2003, 10:10 PM
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Pls help me to help PNG
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Kiaps - log onto : www.exkiap.net for a whole new experience !

If you have a love for Papua New Guinea and are looking for an alternative to pngbd.com why not log on to another website I found this week :


When I first came to PNG, there was a jingle on the radio which went something like :

what kind of word does the didiman do ?
the pigs go oink and the cows go moo !

Hence I kinda got the message of what didiman meant in the English language.

Next on the list was my husband talking about ' Kiaps '. Sometimes he used to fly out of Lae and would get stuck due to bad weather and would end up staying with a kiap in one of the local villages or with missionaries. Hence, I soon found out what a Kiap represented and how they fitted into society in PNG.

When someone sent me an email earlier this week I decided to go for myself and check out the website for all ex Kiaps.

I have since found out that you, me, anyone is most welcome to log on and post a subject matter or simply pop in to say HI.

Obviously all visitors to our forum here on pngbd have an interest in Papua New Guinea and I thought it would be great to share their website with you all.

Check it out for yourselves : www.exkiap.net
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Old 28-03-2003, 10:35 PM
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Pls help me to help PNG
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I suppose that this web site had its' genesis in the fact that I'm proud to have been a kiap and its' development has been facilitated by my interest in computing. It's such a pity that much of our past effort has gone to waste, you should see the country now but I wouldn't have missed it for "quids". This web site project may also be the result of the RSL syndrome kicking in, one of the many manifestations of my aging process as I slide towards blissful dementia.

I'm sick and tired of hearing the "fat ones" (olesem ol grisman na stilman na giamanman) blaming PNG's current parlous state on their so called "colonial inheritance". I believe that PNG administration was one of the most cost effective imperial, bureaucratic interventions of recent times, I can not think of another similar endeavour that was more effective or delivered "more bangs for the bucks". At the "business end" (or the "grass roots" level, whatever) it was in general purposeful, moral, ethical, honest regardless of whether we were part of a imperial policy whose motives may not have been as altruistic. I believe that we did do a good job in PNG.


The following is an extract from an email (Aug 2000) I received from an (ex-didiman) friend (no names, no pack drill) who was then working in East Timor, it's re-assuring:

"Good to catch up with you last week over the phone. I am well settled into the local scene here in Dili now. It is a bit unreal with almost 12,000 UN expats here. Because East Timor is such a big event, all the head office types from every UN agency you have ever heard of, plus a few more you never imagined existed, have all come over here on short term assignment.

Because all they understand is a bureaucracy, they bring in hundreds of staff and feel secure in running their local empire. In fact they spend a lot of time protecting their turf and fighting as to who should do what. Engaging with the locals.

Sorry, who? What are the locals ?? I kid you not. It is terrible. In fact I bet one Kiap could achieve more than 100 UN workers are doing in a situation like this, and do at 25% the cost. However, this is the way the UN works and it is a sad thing that it is the best the human race has been able to come up with ..."
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Old 28-03-2003, 10:43 PM
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Pls help me to help PNG
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Posts: 10,543
aussie is on a distinguished road

It is important that the web site be current if it is not to fade away like so many other web sites have. To this end I hope that the address list, message board, links to the PNG media and other items of common interest and the gradual accretion of photographs and memorabilia will prevent this from happening and will give cause for re-visits.

In relation to photographs and memorabilia, all contributions will be appreciated, if you don't have the capacity to scan and forward information and photos to me then post the items to me and I will scan them, I have the equipment. I will try turn the information around as quickly as possible however I can't guarantee the certainty or security of our postal system in terms of losses, all care will be taken but no responsibility.

  • advise me if you prefer not to be on the address list.
  • check you details and advise me of any amendments to your listing including personal email address.
  • check your own address book and advise me of any other kiap address/email listings that we don't have.
  • send in contributions if you have any e.g. a piece of classic correspondence, pictures, stories.
  • post any scuttlebutt or matters of interest on the message board.
  • advise me of ex-kiap web sites for posting in our Links page.

I am a facetious, sarcastic, cynical bastard and tired of being PC and this will show in some of my comments so apologies to those who may take offence but there is a remedy in the following paragraph.

At this stage I'm footing the bill for the domain name and site hosting but I can afford it and consider it as a hobby and a "labour of love". I also consider this as "our" site and not "mine", this means that I am open to consensual or majority opinion (by ex-kiaps) in the direction that the site should take after I've had time to have a little sulk.

At this stage I would suggest that the best way to achieve this would be through the sites' forum (message/discussion) board). I suppose that in the long run that the site will be inherited by the last computer literate, willing and interested ex-kiap standing who hasn't been blessed by "old timer's" disease.


Peter Salmon
PO Box 740
Springwood. QLD 4127

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