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Old 06-12-2011, 08:41 PM
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A Market Review and Opinion Report For December 5, 2011

This week is a relatively quiet report week (see economic schedule at the bottom of this report), with the focus leaning more towards foreign affairs. Sunday’s move by Italy to pump $30 billion euro into their economy will probably give some false hope on Monday that this week of European crisis talks might end well. Monday’s meeting between France and Germany sets up a Friday summit that should not provide the all-important effort that will support the euro from its downward spiral. For me, the bottom line is that Germany must decide if they are willing to destroy their relatively sound financial structure to help a destined-to-fail euro currency, and summits like the one coming up on Friday create opportunities for Germany to continue to create space between them and the other EU nations so when the euro breaks they have mitigated some of the fallout for themselves.

The stock market has made a dramatic recovery but is quickly facing critical resistance near the highs of its recent move – highs that I believe should hold. Along with that rally the U.S. dollar pulled back, albeit relatively little compared to the move in the stock market, and is offering a congestion period buy. The WASDE on Friday should provide a catalyst to further selling in grains, coinciding with weakness in commodities following a tough week of Euro panic.


The S&P has formed a nearly perfect v-shaped recovery on a deep selloff that occurred just over a week ago. The market was up approximately 10% in a week, a truly astounding move that has occurred infrequently in history. Last Friday’s market reversal off the perceived bullish employment report is indicative of the change in market sentiment. Somehow, some way, the market has begun to realize the obvious – that it is not the center of our world but rather how the world impacts us that our egocentric minds should now accept. The reality is our employment is only a measure of our economy and our economy is only a measure of the world’s demand for goods and services as compared to available supply. This means if any major component of the world economy, namely the EU, is in financial ruins then so goes the rest of the world and our economic outlook. So the focus turns this week to crisis talks in Europe, perfectly timed to the market’s technical resistance near the highs of this multi-year rally off the historic lows set in 2009. It is not often that a daily, weekly and monthly chart offers such dramatic technical resistance indicators simultaneously while heading into a fundamental event. Puts and short futures are both recommended, but a futures play here allows for an immediate impact on market selling off technical resistance. The 10% rally and previous strong market declines have pumped up the VIX a bit and options are less of a value than a few weeks ago, making a futures play a bit of a stronger approach. A stop on the futures could theoretically be placed tighter at 1271 but for the difference in point risk I feel it is worth affording the market the opportunity to take the highs out before jumping ship on a short play.


Grains have already turned trend bearish and the retracement in beans has already impacted the market with about a 25% pullback since September. Last week’s stock market rally helped boost core commodities, but beans lagged with under a 3% bounce, indicating a general lack of buying interest. I believe the market has the potential for another 10% selloff this month and see Friday’s crop and WASDE reports as a catalyst to the next round of selling. A short term option play here gets close to the market with nominal premium paid. The strategy would be to position short term with a put play that captures any near term downside, with the full intent of playing a longer term position after this short term play if the market goes against the trade. In general I feel a short term option play near the money can grab immediate moves but can actually hedge the entry price of a longer term trade that you are seeking an entry point for – pay 8 cents now to try to capture near term downside and if you do not get it then you likely will see a higher entry price opportunity for a longer term play.

Soybeans have been cultivated for food and other uses for nearly five millennia. Originally native to eastern Asia, the modern farming areas for this oilseed occur on nearly every continent. In the United States they were originally considered an industrial product and after their initial introduction to North America they were grown for hay. It was only during the twentieth century that America began to use soybeans as a food product.

Since soybeans are produced in large quantities in both the northern and southern hemispheres, crop news and weather is relevant nearly all year. Cultivation is most successful in climates with hot summers and plenty of sunshine – up to and over 14 hours per day – can be important to the flowering stage of a soybean plant. The complete sowing to harvesting cycle for the modern soybean varieties can take anywhere from 80 to 120 days.

James Mound
Head analyst for MoundReport.com

Disclaimer: There is risk of loss in all commodities trading. Losses can exceed your account size and/or margin requirements. Commodities trading can be extremely risky and is not for everyone. Some option strategies have unlimited risk. Educate yourself on the risks and rewards of such investing prior to trading. Past Performance is not indicative of future results. Information provided is compiled by sources believed to be reliable. JMTG or its principals assume no responsibility for any errors or omissions as the information may not be complete or events may have been cancelled or rescheduled. Options do not necessarily move in lock step with the underlying futures movement. Any copy, reprint, broadcast or distribution of this report of any kind is prohibited without the express written consent of James Mound Trading Group LLC.
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