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School Mates Catch up with your school mates from PNG. TISOL, POMIS, RIS, POM Grammar, Bulae, and a lot more!

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Old 12-09-2010, 03:59 PM
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Hi to any of my former school friends from Lae High 1971-1974,
I was in the same year as Deborah Carraro. I am astounded by how many names she remembered. I also remember a Christine Cadwallander? I think although I have attended a few schools in my time and may be getting confused. There was also a Rosemary Butterworth and Andrea Rowse. My family kept in touch with the Rowse family so I saw Andrea a few times back in Australia.There were also two sisters with the surname Truelove. I think one was Kathy but I can't remember the other.There was also a girl from the Swiss Mission - Esther I think. We always tried to get our dresses as short as possible. At the start of the year Mrs Grant would make us all kneel and our dresses had to be something like 1" above the ground when kneeling and she would check us all. The next day of course everybody took up the hemlines.The swiss mission girls all had dresses below the knee and had short sleeves added to the uniform as well.
Lyn Blackwell.

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Old 16-09-2010, 10:40 PM
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Hi Lyn,

I just posted a message in response to your brother's post. A bit slack these days with email and the like (working on the recent/current Federal Election has kept us very busy for the past few months as well).

When I posted the original thread about Igam and Lae High I sort of hoped that a few oldies would post a few more photos - so if you have any...

We left PNG in 1972 so a long time ago now and much water under the bridge.

How time does fly.
San Lauw
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Old 09-10-2010, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Rod Blackwell View Post
Hi Marianne

I remember John McClatchie, he was a bit deaf. I can remember in class one time he was talking to me and Mrs Duffy started talking to him. He was ignoring her. Then she shouted, "What's the mater, are you deaf?" and John Replied " Yes as a mater of fact I am." John was the first person I ever heard say Jimi Hendrix was a god.

There was Simon Sandover son of the Dean at LIT. He threw Glenn Cam in the ditch waiting for the bus after school and Glen needed surgery on his severed Tendon. I can remember Mr Flute wanted to suspend Simon just before the final exams over something that happened the school dance. I can remember have discussions with Mr Flute about not doing this. Then Simon borrowed some money from me so he could buy a car

Albert dela Cruz started me on guitar and I still play these days. I did hear about his accident at the time.

Rod Blackwell
I'm the John McClatchie you remember Rod, though can't say I remember you. Still deaf, that must be it. I remember Simon very well, right rogue he was. I bartended at his dad's shindig out at the institute; after the party he plied me with bacardi cokes 'till my head was on backwards and made fun of me. Remember Albert also. He was Penny Quarry's lad. She should be a lawyer now, or that's where she was headed last I saw her, Sydney '77. I'm a New Zealander now among other things. Gisborne. Tripped over this unawares.

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Old 09-10-2010, 10:07 PM
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Hi John, I guess I was just a quiet guy so you don't remember me!!. Your dad worked at the hospital I think and you had a brother ( was his name Sam??). I can just remember bits and pieces. Simon was one of those larger than life characters and I believe he now works for Alcan in Perth.

I am now working in Indonesia and have been here for about 11 years. I did several "Tours of duty" in PNG between 1982 and 1994. Worked in Hawaii for a year and the rest of my time in Melbourne.

There are some Lae schools sites on Facebook.

How did you end up in NZ?

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Old 10-10-2010, 07:58 PM
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oh my god, well well John mcClatchie surfaces, how the heck are you john, i am in touch with Simon via facebook as well as sooo many others, you may not remember me, nor my sister robyn, or maybe you do. You were my first date ever at the tender age of 14. I am also in touch with Deb and cheryl hastings, Bev Cam and so many others. Are you on facebook? Cheers, Maz
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