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Dive Centre Stand - 2002 Port Moresby Travel Show :
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Representatives of Air Niugini seen here at the 2002 Port Moresby Travel Show :
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The Reef Hotel Cairns Stand - 2002 Port Moresby Travel Show :
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Unknown Stand - 2002 Port Moresby Travel Show :
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Hong Kong Stand - 2002 Port Moresby Travel Show :
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Asing (www.pngbd.com) representative) takes a well earned rest in the Crowne Plaza Coffee Shop during the 2002 Port Moresby Raun Raun Travel Show :
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RAUN RAUN - THE PORT MORESBY 2003 TRAVEL SHOW To be held at the Crowne Plaza, 27th - 29th March, 2003.

Aims :

Raun Raun - The Port Moresby Holiday & Travel Show, has set the following aims to achieve during the event.

1. To provide an organised event, a venue and facilities for a travel show, where participants and industry representatives can discuss travel products, services and other related information to promote and further the sale of those products.
2. To utilise this show to promote products and services to the traveling public.
3. To provide a productive, comfortable, safe and enjoyable format to all participants of the show.

The aims and goals will be measured from a satisfaction survey to be carried out over the two days of the show.

Raun Raun - Event Format.

The organising committee has this year decided to offer a package to all participants that attend Raun Raun. This will include the following:

1. 2-person booth (approximately 3 sq metres) for the duration of the show including desk & chairs, booth ID signage.
2. 3 nights Accommodation in STD room incl. breakfast at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (conference venue)
3. Conference pack, including nametags, schedules and timetables etc.

To compliment the above, the committee have also organised the following

1. Formal dinner at the Royal Papua Yacht Club, hosted by the Minister for Tourism & Culture, and the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority.
2. Visit to the Ela Beach Craft and Culture Market.
3. Raun Raun 2003 Closing Dinner, with Australian High Commissioner for PNG, H.E. Nick Warner.

On the registration form you will also find a number of additional options that will attract an additional charge. These are:

1. Port Moresby Landmarks & Point of Interest Tours
2. Skal International Port Moresby Dinner

We also offer you the opportunity to upgrade your room accommodation, or book additional accommodation if you are travelling with a colleague, or wish to extend the length of you stay.

For those participants who have attended previous show in Port Moresby, you will notice some new additions to the show's format. New to the show will be an internet suite to enable visitors to view corporate web sites. The Raun Raun web site will also be available.

Timetable of Events :

Thursday 27th March 2003

1. 1200 hrs - Access to the conference centre in the Crowne Plaza to set up booths, and product displays.
2. 1900 hrs - Skal International Dinner at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Port Moresby.

Friday 28th March 2003 - INDUSTRY DAY

1. 0800 hrs - Official opening of Raun Raun Travel Show for 2003.
2. 1900 hrs - Dinner at the Royal Papua Yacht Club as the guests of the Minister for Tourism & Culture, and the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority

Saturday 29th March 2003 - PUBLIC DAY

1. 0900 hrs - Commencement of the Public Day
2. 0930 hrs - Commencement of scheduled visits to Ela Beach Craft Market and Cultural Show.
3. 1630 hrs - Closing of Raun Raun 2003
4. 1930 hrs - Raun Raun Closing Dinner, Crowne Plaza Hotel - with guest, Australian High Commissioner for PNG, H.E. Nick Warner

Sunday 30th March 2003

1. Some participants departing on flights.

Events Description


The booths at the show will be set up in advance of your arrival. You will have access to them from Thursday lunchtime onwards, where you can then set up product displays etc. You can request a corner booth, or a double booth (additional charge). You can also request audio and video equipment. The organising committee will try to accommodate all participant needs.

The committee will also arrange for any promotional material to be delivered to the venue from the airport.

Skal Dinner, Holiday Inn, Port Moresby (Optional)

Every year the members of Skal International Port Moresby hold a Holiday & Travel Show dinner. Participants of the show are invited along to sample the spirit and friendship of Skal. The evening format includes a three course meal, light music and dancing and the infamous Skal Giant Raffle. Transfers to and from the Parkroyal are provided.

Raun Raun Industry Day

The organising committee will invite representatives from all over the country to attend the show. Agents and representatives are provided with a schedule of appointments that will ensure that they visit almost all of the booth displays during the course of the day. Each session is approximately 10 minutes long, providing ample time to pass on product information, brochures, and changes in current product specification.

There will be an allotted time for lunch. Participants can take advantage of other conference facilities available, to hold working lunch seminars with the industry representatives.

Royal Papua Yacht Club Dinner

On the evening of the 29th March, participants will be invited to attend a dinner at the RPYC, to be hosted by the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Hon. Alois Kingsley MP and the Senior members of the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority. Also attending the dinner will be members of the Port Moresby business fraternity. All transfers to and from the Crowne Plaza are provided.

Raun Raun Public Day

The organising committee will open the show doors to the travelling public, allowing them the opportunity to see first hand, some of the products available to them, over the coming season.

The public day will run continuously to 1600 hrs. Lunch and refreshments will be available "on the run".

Ela Beach Craft Market (Optional)

Throughout the Saturday morning a shuttle will be travelling to and from the Craft show at Ela Beach. The show is held monthly in the grounds of the Ela Beach School, and provides visitors with a chance to see traditional dancers, purchase PNG artifacts, and sample some of the local cuisine.

Raun Raun Closing Dinner

To celebrate the closing of what is sure to be a successful event, the organising committee will invite you to the Raun Raun closing dinner. Our special guest, Australian High Commissioner to PNG, H.E. Nick Warner, together with members of the Australian PNG trade commissions will look forward to meeting you, and discussing business in PNG.

Conference Venue

Raun Raun will be staged at the Crowne Plaza Port Moresby, part of the Six Continents Group of Hotels.

The conference facilities are among the finest in Port Moresby, and more than accommodate the needs of the event.

It is comfortable, clean and safe, with a wealth of facilities that will cater for your business and personal needs.

The show will occupy the main three ballrooms of the Crowne Plaza.

The location of the hotel is in the heart of Port Moresby's central business district, making it an ideal location to base you. Not only for the show, but also when visiting agents or making sales calls.

Cost Structure

The Raun Raun package as detailed in the earlier part of this document is summarised and priced below. All are priced in Papua New Guinea Kina.

1. Convention booth at the Crowne Plaza hotel for the duration of the event including booth and company identification.
2. Accommodation in STD room for one person at Crowne Plaza hotel for three nights (arriving Thursday and leaving Sunday afternoon) incl. airport transfer and full breakfasts.
3. Dinner at the Royal Papua Yacht Club incl. transfers.
4. Raun Raun Closing Dinner at the Crowne Plaza
5. Conference pack.
6. Transfer to Ela Beach Craft Market.

Total cost - PGK 1950.00 incl. VAT

Editors Note: For exchange rates conversions, please click here :


Daily exchange rates updated every day by major banks.

Additional accommodation and dinner tickets can be purchased for colleagues.


Skal Holiday & Travel Show Dinner PGK 60.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get from the airport to the hotel when I arrive?
A. We will provide transportation for all participants of the show. This also includes transport to any organised events.

Q. How many representatives will visit us on the industry day?
A. We have two sessions on the industry day, and we see approximately 60 to 70 attendees per session.

Q. How do I get my promotional information from Australia to Port Moresby?
A. Air Niugini will provide an AWB number from major centres. TNT are the preferred couriers.

Q. Is it possible to arrange transportation to allow me to do some sales calls around Port Moresby?
A. Yes, the major car hire companies offer chauffeur drive services, or you can hire a car and drive yourself.

Q. I have never visited Port Moresby before. Is it safe?
A. We advise all participants to take extra care when travelling around Port Moresby. Do not travel around at night by yourself, or if you are uncertain of the route and destination. Organised transportation is available. Do not dress to attract attention to yourself, displaying expensive jewelry etc. Common sense is a good security measure. Safety Bulletin.

Q. How many visitors on the public day do you normally see?
A. In the past we have had a good turn out on the public day. The organising committee has a sizeable advertisement campaign planned for the 2003 show. We hope to see about 800-1000 over the course of the day.

Q. Can I get a copy of all the contact details of the representatives and agents who attend the industry day?
A. Yes. A copy of this information will be in your conference pack, provided to you at registration.

Q. Can I get access to my email?
A. Yes. The hotel has a business centre, and the conference venue has an internet caf.

Q. Will my GSM digital mobile phone work in Papua New Guinea?
A. No, not yet.

Q. What other advertising media will be available?
A. PNG's Nau FM - a nationwide FM broadcaster, will cover the event. Also EMTV, the country's TV station will be around.

Q. How many participants attend Raun Raun?
A. At the last show we had 30 participants, ranging from air carriers, International Hotel chains, and car rental operators, to tour operators and independent hotel operators. Each year the organising committee attempts to expand the attendance. Raun Raun in 2003 hopes to attract 40+ participant companies.

Q. Do I have to attend any of the evening functions?
A. Well both Friday & Saturday evening functions are part of your participant's package. They are well-organised social events designed to promote networking. They also allow an element of "play" in what is a busy few days of work. The Skal International Dinner is optional. It is a popular event, and will give you the opportunity to mix with PNG's travel industry executives. Another successful networking event.

Q. Do I need to bring any special clothing?
A. The dinners are tropical formal. During the show days, most participants will dress in comfortable clothing, usually adorned with corporate logos and ID.

Q. Can I have a corner booth, or one near the entrance?
A. Yes, but we will have only a limited amount of corners, and entrances. Please come to us with your requirements early.

Q. Can I have a TV and video player set up?
A. A limited number of TV and video equipment are available through the Crowne Plaza. The organising committee will try to accommodate your requirements, though it is strictly on a first come first served basis.

Q. Will I need a visa to get into the country?
A. You can obtain a visitor or tourist visa at the airport on arrival. This will cost you PGK50.00. There is a bank at the airport that will exchange most currency, however you may find it more convenient to arrive with some PNG currency. This can be easily obtained at the airports prior to your flight to Port Moresby.

Q. What about departure tax?
A. A PGK30.00 charge will need to be covered before immigration.

Contact Information

If you require further information on Raun Raun, please do not hesitate to contact the organising committee through the information below.

Gary Seddon
Manager - Hertz Rent A Car
Direct Number (675) 3026817
Fax (675) 3256985
Mobile (675) 6934254
Email gnseddon@leasemaster.com.pg

Molly Rau - Lovett
Business Development Manager - Hertz Rent A Car
Direct Number (675) 3026805
Fax (675) 3256985
Email salesmgr@leasemaster.com.pg

Leila Langer
Revenue Manager - Crowne Plaza Hotel
Telephone (675) 3212266
Fax (675)
Email revmanager@crowneplazaportmoresby.com.pg

Or log onto their website :

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Food & Entertainment

Western cuisine is available in hotels, restaurants, guest houses, lodges and village resorts. Port Moresby has many Asian and European restaurants. For something different try a traditional 'mumu' of pork, sweet potatoes, rice and greens. Major hotels provide their own entertainment.


Main activities include golf, tennis and squash, fishing, diving, snorkelling, hunting and trekking.

Modern department complexes rub shoulders with quaint little stores and artifact shops where you may try your hand at gentle bargaining.


The village of Aibom, near the Chambri Lakes, is the only place on the Sepik that specialises in pottery. There is also pottery at Yabob and Bilbil villages near Madang and at Milne Bay.

Arts and crafts are as diverse as they are distinctive. Pottery, weapons, carvings and baskets are just a few of the handicrafts sold throughout Papua New Guinea, the world's largest producer of tribal arts and crafts.

There is a fascinating selection of masks, including ancestral and spirit masks which are traditionally the most important. Boys wore them with woven body shrouds or tumbuan which can also be purchased. Decorated boards are popular objects in Papuan Gulf culture as are boat prows, thought to be protective spirits to ward off sickness and evil. Shields come in all shapes and sizes and are made of hide stretched over a framework.

Stools, tables and headrests are ornate and carry intricate carvings while fishing hooks were suspended in the men's house and represented spirits which helped in fighting, hunting and warding off disease. Skull racks for both enemies and relatives make novel souvenirs and are nicely decorated. Musical instruments, mostly hand drums, are made from wood with a skin of snake, lizard or tree kangaroo stretched tightly over the mouth and glued to the rim with tree sap. Finally jewellery, body ornaments and accessories are made up of a number of components including pigs teeth, shell, orchid stems, dogs teeth, seed, snake spine, and pigs tusks.

The two greatest regions of art are the Sepik River Basin and the Papuan Gulf and the two major craft producing areas are the Huon Peninsula and Milne Bay.

A huge selection of PNG Arts, Craft and Culture and visual entertainment can be seen at the Ela Beach Craft fair, held on the last Saturday of every month. PNG Art also holds some of PNG's treasures available for purchase.

Accommodation & Transport

Cities and tourist centres have a variety of good quality hotels, as well as guest houses, lodges and resorts. Some villages have basic guest house accommodation for visitors and there is limited camping.
Transportation is mostly by air. A good network of roads connect the northern zone and the highlands region. There are hire and rental cars, local boats and ferries, taxis in larger towns, plus local buses. There is no road link between the northern zone and the capital, Port Moresby because the country is too rugged.

Getting There & Away

Most visitors arrive by air, specifically from Australia to Port Moresby, although there are direct connections with Tokyo, Singapore, Manila, and Honiara (Solomon Islands). Air Niugini, the national airline, operates between Australia and Asia (in conjunction with Qantas). Port Moresby is the largest and currently the only international gateway, by air. The departure tax is about US$10; if you overstay your visa, expect to pay a heavy fine before being allowed on the plane. Arriving or departing by sea is almost an impossibility unless on a cruise ship or a yacht (the best places in PNG to find a berth are Port Moresby, Madang and Milne Bay). Arriving by sea, expect a 'customs clearance fee' of about US$40.

Getting Around

Geographical realities - a small and scattered population which is often isolated in mountain valleys and on tiny islands - means flying is a necessity. Unfortunately, it also means it is expensive. The main carrier is Air Niugini, with several small operators touching down at very small airstrips. Bookings are quite reliable as most systems are computerised. If travelling on any of Air Niugini's domestic flights, make sure you check-in an hour in advance, otherwise booked seats will be given to passengers on waiting lists.

The network of roads around the country remains limited, but Public Motor Vehicles (PMVs) are always at your beck and call. Essentially modified Japanese minibuses, PMVs are a cheap form of transport and pick up and drop off people at any point along a pre-established route, though are not recommended to the unseasoned traveler. Driving a car in the country (left side of the road please) requires a valid overseas licence but be forewarned: tribal paybacks have meant some drivers have been killed by an accident victim's relatives.

Some authorities suggest that if you are involved in an accident, keep driving and report the incident at the nearest police station. The major car rental companies (Avis, Budget and Hertz) are found in most main centres but because of the limited road network you won't get too far. Costs are comparable with Australia.

A good form of transport is boat. Passenger ships, freighters, charters, outboard dingies and canoes are cheap, though sometimes uncomfortable. Probably the best way to travel within PNG is to walk; your only real expense will be paying for guides and porters.

See also: Safety Warning for Travelers to PNG

Money & Costs

PNG is an expensive place and it can seem unreasonable from a travellers' point of view: costs are pretty much at expense account levels but comforts are relatively few. There is no tradition of cheap hotels and restaurants. Once you get out of the towns, however, you can live for virtually nothing (there's virtually nothing to buy). If you can look out for yourself, you can get by on almost nothing - you can walk, you can buy a canoe, you can stay with a family or in a school or police station (but be sure to give them some money for their hospitality - no one likes a freeloader).

If you live on sago (powdered palm pith) and sweet potato you can certainly travel the country very, very cheaply.
You can change travellers' cheques in every major town, but queues will be long and you'll have to be patient. In remote areas you'll need cash kina, preferably small bills as people are unlikely to have change. Unless you have a local bank account, you'll be unlikely to get cash from Port Moresby's ATMs. Credit cards are accepted in most establishments, that you are likely to come across.

Tipping is not customary anywhere in PNG, and the listed price is what you'll be expected to pay. There is no tradition of bargaining either, and you'll look like an idiot if you try to haggle too much over the price of a souvenir.


Budget: US$ 5-10
Mid-range: US$15-20
Top-end: US$20 and upwards

When to go

The climate is the main consideration in deciding when to visit Papua New Guinea. You'll probably want to avoid rainy seasons (although a good tropical downpour is a sight to be seen) but they vary across the country. In most places the wet season is December to March, the dry season from May to October.

During the two transition months (April and November), the weather can't make up its mind which way to go and tends to be unpleasantly still and sticky. The most notable variations on this pattern are Lae and Alotau where May to October is the wet (and we mean wet) season. See also next weeks weather forcast for Port Moresby, Highlands (Morobe) and Gulf region (Kerema).

Facts for the Visitor

Climate: 23C - 32C in coastal areas and 14C- 28C in the highlands.
Clothing: Casual, but more formal than other Pacific countries. Females should dress modestly.
Electricity: 240 volts. AC/50 cycles. Some hotels provide 110 volt outlets.
Time Zone: GMT plus 10 hours.
Currency: The Kina is divided into 100 toea. Credit cards accepted at major hotels.
Tipping: Visitors are guests to the country. Tips are neither expected nor encouraged
Departure tax: Departure Tax of K15.00 is payable at the Airport or at any Post Office.
Visas & Health: A 60 day tourist visa is available on arrival is for a fee of K25.00. Visas obtained prior to arrival carry a fee of K10.00 from any PNG Overseas Mission.

Holidays & Festivals

Each of the 20 provinces of PNG has its own provincial government day and these are good opportunities to enjoy sing sings (traditional ceremonies and dances). Unfortunately, these are local affairs with no fixed schedules and information about their timing and whereabouts is often only relayed by word-of-mouth. Shows and festivals are held on weekends, while a provincial government day will usually fall on a Friday or Monday.

Some of the events to look out for include: Port Moresby Show (traditional and modern events; mid-June); Mt Hagen Show (a big gathering of clans with traditional dances and dress; late August); Independence Day (festivals and sing-sings celebrated nationwide; 16 September); and Malangan Festival (two-week festival including the famous tree-dancers; 16 September).
Listing of Holidays & Festivals

June 13 - Queen's Birthday, Pt.Moresby Show

July to August - Yam Harvest Festival (Trobriand Islands)

July 23 - Remembrance Day

August - Mt Hagen Show

September 16 - Independence Day Hiri Moale Festival Goroka Show

October - Maborasa Festival (Madang) Morobe Agricultural Show

More Information available at PNG Tourism Promotion Authority
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If you are interested in travelling within Papua New Guinea and need more information or wish to check out the scenery etc, please click on 'Search' above and type in a keyword that matches what you are interested in.

You will then find there are many articles and colourful photographs on all areas of Papua New Guinea.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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