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Old 15-09-2004, 05:39 PM
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Happy 29th Independence 2004

You probably seen this one already....but since its Independence day tommorrow....well I though I might just share this...

29th Independence 2004!

Here are 29 reasons for forever wanting to be a Papua New Guinean.

Independence Day.

What makes you a true Papua New Guinean

1. When a Wanabe American talks about September 11, you confuse him by
talking about September 16.
2. When Air Niugini's F28 flight is full, you still argue with the
ticketing agent anyway at the departure gate.
3. When a four seater cab is full, you still squeeze in anyway, even if
have to sit on somebody's legs.
4. When there's a commotion out in the street, you race out to see
happening, even if it's got nothing to do with you.
5. When a Politician and his cronies drive onto an Airport Tarmac &
to stop an aircraft on the runway, they still maintain vigorously in
that they didn't break the country's laws. They even find a lawyer who
defends them.
6. The Bank Teller can let you suffer, standing in line. The expatriate
(European background) who just walked in can go straight to the
7. A security guard at a major hotel function will stop you from
if you are wearing tongs. He'll insist you go wear shoes. An European
tongs can walk in without a glitch. No, we are not talking racism, just
8. Drinking beer means to keep it flowing until either the wallet is
or there is no more beer within a 1000 metre radius.
9. When a fellow country man in need asks for a K2, you can give him
and not worry about the change.
10. A Supporter - If my team doesn't win, it's because the referee is
biased and made all the wrong decisions so he deserves a belting.
11. Please throw the empty Coke can & plastic bag out of the car whilst
am driving. It's okay, no need to look for a Rubbish Bin.
12. If a relative is working for a mining company, he is loaded with
every day of the week.
13. If a neighbour runs out of food, you invite him over for dinner
strings attached.
14. Three guys can share the same towel -no probs.
15. Country in financial crisis -Noken busy, graun stap.
16. Policeman to petty Criminal - Smash his face & panel beat the rest
him; even if it means killing him before he is proven innocent in a
of law but never touch a Pollie or a
17. The stylist clothes we have were worn three years ago in Australia,
fresh out of the Factory.
18. I will not allow School Children on my bus. T! hey only pay 20
19. I don't care if my car is roadworthy or not, as long as
it still runs and belches smoke.
20. Even though I don't know the bloke who just died, I'll just show my
face at the funeral house anyway as a way of respect of a passing soul.
21. That Street Lamp & the Give Way road sign look like good target(s)
practice for stone throwing & who says only Dogs tip over Rubbish Bins?
22. Last week's newspaper is still as good as today's.
23. Yeah, let the dog come into the house!
25. The CDs I have are all copies and most of them are scratched
26. Never mind if the toilet paper runs out. I have plenty of old
cuttings that could last a whole year.
27. Tear open the Amoxylin capsule and pour the contents on the sore.
will heal the sore fast.
28. I don't care if it is Independence day. I'm just glad I don't have
go to work today.
29, The list goes on...........wonderful to be a Papua New Guinean.

Independence Day y'al 4 tomorrow.
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Old 17-09-2004, 11:55 AM
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hi, was it a holiday on the 16th?

happy independence day, PNG!
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Old 19-09-2004, 02:19 PM
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I am a little bit late, but happy anniversary PNG.
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