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Old 12-10-2009, 11:49 PM
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Please, Can some1 help!

Hello, I really need advise, or where to go next, I thinks its better if I start at the begining.
My name is Warren and I am 37yrs old, I was born in Port Morsby, PNG 1972, at this time it was part of Australia and so I was issued with an Australian passport. I held and travelled on this passport right up until my passport was lost; this is where my nightmare began.
My entire family is British (on my mothers side), my Mother left my father (who was an Australian citizen, but was working in PNG at the time I was concieved) when I was very young (3yrs old approx), shortly after this she left Australia and came back to the UK.
I grew up in London, England still holding my Australian passport and during this time and the time I lost my passport, I travelled on my full passport a number of times, as detailed below, although even after I lost my passport I travelled on a temporary passport again detailed below:
Full Australian passport.
France (1 week) School trip.
Australia (stayed 6 months approx) 1988, stayed with Uncle and Auntie (Who hold Australian passports) Brisbane.
Spain (2 week holiday)
Temporary Australian passport.
Gran Canaria (ten days)
Amsterdam (5 days)
At the time I lost my passport I reported it stolen on the advise of the Australian Embassy (Strand, England), They issued me with the 2 temporary passports.
After this I have been unable to have another passport of any kind issued to myself, i am unable to leave the country until I can resolve this issue.
I have the following documentation.
Birth certificate, stating DOB, location: Port Morsby.
1 out of date temporary passport (the other was taking and not returned by the Australian Embassy, when I applied for citizenship, under the advise of the Embassy, and I was turned down for this!)
The last word from the Embassy has been that I should contact my Father, who I have not had contact with in over 30yrs and I have only limited information on him Mr William Griffin, I do not know his DOB nor do I have a middle name, I have no idea if he is still alive! I did contact a detective agency in Australia, who promptly took my money and never came back to me again! I also contacted a geneologist who also took my money but came back with no results.
I am in a desperate situation and can only hope that some1 somewhere can help me, as every door seems to have been slammed in my face, and no one seems to want to help me in the Australian Embassy, I feel like a prisoner who is not able to leave the country (England) and do not know what to do, I hope and pray some1 will Know better.
At the time of my birth PNG was part of Australia 22/01/1972.
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Old 02-07-2010, 11:27 AM
RobHay RobHay is offline
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If your Father is William Francis Griffin Date of Birth 7 May 1942 then I can confirm that he is still alive. I know him very well. He is of Mixed Race, and related to Griffins living in PNG in Moresby and in Brisbane Queensland Australia.
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Old 14-01-2011, 11:13 AM
rijobe rijobe is offline
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also born in PNG

Hello Warren

Please let me know how you got on with this as I predict I may have similar problems crop up in the future

I was born in Port Mosby in march 1972. both my parents were English born. I moved to Australia when I was about 6 months old and have only ever traveled overseas on my fathers English passport when I was a child. On occasion government departments when requiring my birth certificate have asked if I have citizenship papers when they see it is a PNG birth certificate. By showing them that it states "territory of Papua and New Guinea" and bears the Australian coat of arms, and explaining that PNG was Australian territory at the time I have been able to satisfy them. Not so sure it will be as simple, If and when, I choose to get a passport. My brother was also born there and now lives in London but travels on an English passport I believe

Also worried what will happen if I lose my birth certificate and then try and get another one?
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