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Old 20-09-2005, 10:26 AM
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Rwanda case study

Originally Posted by xtc
Read between the lines....
look racism in whichever form is here to stay either in or out of the closet. Adapt to it, manage it or if it proliferates to unacceptable levels, bash it down in which ever way you can. We all have some degree of racism or sexism or other social prejudices within us that may have been laid down it the past that articulates our effect and affect to the environment around us.
Interesting sentiments here.

Take a look at Rwanda for a case history of racism.

The Hutus and the Tutsis lived in harmony for millenia until the colonization of Rwanda by the Belgians. The Belgians picked out physical characteristics as a means of separating hutus and tutsis these being primarily skin colour and facial features.

They supposed that the lighter skinned, slender nosed tutsis were of a higher intelligence than the dark broad nosed hutus and thus when thet left Rwanda handed over power to the Tutsi minority.

Over the years this artificial separation burgeoened into a genocidal abhorence which resulted in the unnecessary death of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives and all because of the artificial separation of a group of people based on physical traits.

XTC is correct in that we are all a product of socio-cultural norms and expectations and it is how we manage these at an individual level that contributes to our societies acceptance of people or persons that so not conform to our expected norms and beliefs.

If we all regarded ourselves as human beings in the first instance and recognised in each other the basic tenets that make us humans and then appreciated the differences and diversities within each cultural group how much less racism and discrimination there would be.

This social experiment would only happen if say ... we were invaded by aliens from another planet who were hell bent on our destruction. I guess racism within the human race would go out the door as quickly as a disintergrator ray evaporates with the same efficiency a red, yellow, black, blue or white human being.
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Old 12-10-2006, 09:54 AM
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yeah there's racism every where, like in PNG shops you know how when you walk out of a shop the securtiy guards check your bag. no offence to anyone but they only do that to the natives.
-if i offended anyone sorry-
LIVE n LEARN- I see what i see day by day
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Old 12-10-2006, 10:26 AM
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Personally, I would'nt brand that as racism although it does have some traits of it. On the other hand, I take my cap off to all those expatriates who have come to live in PNG, short or long term. I have come across some of the most likeable personalities recently through the ECP programme. Australians who apart from imparting their skills and knowledge have also gone to lengths to blend into our lifestyle. We actually took two beautiful Aussie ladies with their two aussie mates to a local club where even the patrons had never been graced by expatriates presence. They are a lot of other instances.
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Old 21-12-2006, 05:15 PM
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Inactive government ? I think NOT!

Sorry I beg to differ the Government in Australia has seemingly gone out of their way to participate in the racism perspective. They have systematicaly destroyed the values and belief systems that were evident in the Aboriginal people. They pat themselves on the back for throwing money at situations that required compasion, understanding, tolerence and acceptance. They have degraded the standards of a proudly family orieted people to the point that a large proportion of these people now keep themselves in a drunken oblivian (compliments of money provided by a "helpful" Government). Even the standard of education in Aboriginal communities is on a lower level than that of the school in mainstream Australia. Even on the upper level University entry requirements are much lower than for other Australians and the qualification at the end is also as little as 40% required for a pass. Qualifications such as nurses, doctors and teachers. On returning to their communities with this sub-standard qualification they can only provide a service that is again below the standard that is acceptable in the wider community. The government handouts and exceptions to the rule in education and job application have also served to create a further rift between the Aboriginal and other Australians that also are struggling to exist without such 'benifits'. Jealousy converts to racism. Jealousy that stems from a total lack of understanding of a system that is blind to the real needs of a people that have managed to survive savage atrocities perpetrated on it, only to be systematically exterminated by goverment that apparently 'cares'. (Incidently I am a white Australian)
Originally Posted by Nancy96
Hey Mangitbay,

Thank you for your opinions, I found myself enlightened!

However I still have to disagree about the individual thing. You said it is the individuals perception of race that guides their actions, but then where does this perception come from? Why does the media depict discriminatory images and facts about race, where did that arise from? Why is there discrimination in the workplace? In regards to the Aboriginal people of Australia, they have been subjected to atrocious acts that were based on the colour of their skin and even today they are treated poorly eg health conditions, employment, and racial discrimination. Yet the government has done very little to help these people, why?

All of these things are based on the societies perception of 'race' that is ingrained in our culture, like I said if racism and I am talking about the larger scale, was truly individual then there would be no one particular race who experiences discrimination by a dominant group.
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