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Old 30-11-2005, 11:12 PM
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Thumbs up HELP us NAME and SHAME Corrupt PNG politicians

We the young patriotic Papua New Guineans (PNGeans) assert that it is the business of all private citizens of PNG to know which of their leaders (politicians and public office holders) maintain homes and businesses in overseas, especially Australia because:

(1) These leaders are public officials.

(2) These leaders are paid by tax money out of our pockets.

(3) These leaders have made a commitment and taken oaths to serve the

country rather than their pocketbooks through their positions of power and influence.

(4) That means while they are in public service they should be spending their time serving the people, not looking after their businesses.

(5) On a MP's salary, even a Prime Minister's salary, it is impossible to afford a second home in Brisbane, anywhere in Australia or in any first world country for that matter.

Cunning politicians tell their collaborators to buy them something (like houses, farms, motels, gas re-filling stations and many more) outside of PNG and sell our natural resources (license to fish, logging, prime land, illegal passports and you name itÖ to them at very low prices)

In an age where information is now readily available, if we PNGeans continue to live in ignorance and say it's not our business, then we're not helping ourselves and the bulk of the population of PNG. We all have to help in exposing corruption. Then the public will know who our real leaders are and who are there for themselves.

Exposing and speaking out against corruption and questionable behaviors by public figures including politicians is an effective tool. Let's not be intimidated by fear and other repercussions. Real men/women donít keep their mouths shut when they see injustice and corruption right under their noses.

We all need to keep talking and writing about those corrupt politicians. They will ultimately face up to the facts. Let's not allow them to have a peaceful sleep/rest in mansions, house/business that is not bought with their own money.

We will only be doing ourselves disservice if we don't stand up and speak against corruption.

We urge those Australians who have lived in PNG and others who have concern for PNG to help us name names of PNG politicians and public officials who acquire properties in Australia.

There is a PNG website forum that is currently discussing on this issue at www.pngscape.net, Brisbane PNG Board. Please make your contributions in there.

We know that as citizens of our beautiful country, we cannot do much but we're convinced beyond any shadows of doubt that we can effectively disseminate factual information that will serve as a deterrent to the problem of official corruption in PNG. We're the children of PNG's 21st century.

Thanking you in advance for your anticipated help.

Patriotic PNGean
Port Moresby

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Old 06-12-2005, 08:26 PM
meripng meripng is offline
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Thatís an excellent idea but what impact will it have on the Politicians if we have open discussion Online. Who will complied all these contributions and present it to the Parliament on behalf of the young people out there??

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Old 09-12-2005, 03:07 PM
PNGean For Real PNGean For Real is offline
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PNGean For Real is on a distinguished road

What you say is true. However, we should not discount the fact and the power of factual information in the public domain especially about the conduct (businesses) of our politicians being spilled out for all to see and read.
It will no doubt create a sense of awakening whether the politicians like it or not. That is the bottom line. Ultimately, at some stage in their life, someone (related to the politicians, maybe their children browsing the net) or those in authority who are mandated to scrutinize their conduct will come across these discussions.

Continuous and ardent discussion about their life in a forum such as this and that of pngscape (www.pngscape.net) will certainly accomplish its purpose in its own timing.

That said, we the decent PNGeans must not loose faith in speaking out/exposing corruption and being nationalists in our discourses irrespective of our political affiliations, ethnic backgrounds or economic benefits that we get.

We must acknowledge those politicians who discharge their responsibilities well with honesty too. So in this way, this is not seen as a smear campaign to tarnish the reputations of those crooks only.

HONESTY, TRUTH, ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY are some virtues that should underpin the lifestyle of every 21st century nationalistic PNGeans. I want to do my little bit for the nation and be counted in a band like this.

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