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Old 29-11-2003, 08:06 PM
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i just happen to be reading this thread and was disgusted in the attitude of kucinta considering aussie went to so much effort and not to mention burdened all costs.

Keep your head up aussie its just a shame that ppl in this world are never pleased.
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Old 29-11-2003, 08:18 PM
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Wink A magazine front cover with two little holes is considered DAMAGE

My message of thankfulness is inserted inside an envelope. It contains the Malmo Aviation Inflight Magazine "GRIP" as promised, paper clipped with a little yellow note of thankfulness on the front cover so that it does not destroy the front cover of "GRIP". I sent my magazine mail out to Aussie today afternoon by normal air-mail.

My displeasure is valid because I sent out things nicely to people (I never staple on front cover of a magazine as a habit) but I don't understand why others don't treat things sent to me nicely like the stapled front cover of Paradise Nov/Dec 2003 which I deem a publication has been damaged. A publication front cover with two little holes is considered a case of damage or a worn-out copy. Otherwise without the staples, it lasts undamaged for a very long time.

Why i am also upset is because Paradise Nov/Dec 2003 copies for Singapore office haven't arrived yet and our clients are still ringing us to find out when Paradise Nov/Dec 2003 copies will arrive at Singapore office. There are many more impatient clients than us in the world because they don't receive timetables and magazines from Air Niugini in Port Moresby directly and nothing from their respective GSAs in their countries directly. I and my boss have to get down to the Singapore office of Air Niugini to pick them up and send them these items that they need as requested... and we pay overall higher postage than Aussie to mail these items to them, to draw their investments and travels to Port Moresby via Singapore. We are helping Papua New Guinea and Air Niugini but we feel un-appreciated by you guys in Papua New Guinea.

I hope Aussie and you understand what I typed above.
Kucinta Setia
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Old 29-11-2003, 08:37 PM
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Hi Kucinta, I understand your feelings about the magazine holes.. I myself keep all my books in absolute like-new condition. I am normally very upset if someone borrowed my book and returned it all folded up and dirty. However, when you receive something for free, especially when it took some effort and money by the giver, I guess you shouldn't complain, at least not in front of the person who gave it to you, because the he/she would be disappointed too by your response.

Regarding your clients, you can point them to this web site so they can learn about PNG. There are THOUSANDS of beautiful photos of PNG on the forum and now in the photo gallery, not to mention all the stories and articles about various places in png on this forum, and the ability to interact and ask questions to people who live here.

We also have Air Niugini's flight schedule as well as other domestic airlines that they can use to check for flights and make plans.
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Old 29-11-2003, 09:13 PM
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Wink What is the use of feeling disappointed ?

Hi, what is the use of feeling disappointed ? I am disappointed with the act of stapling a front cover of a magazine with a name card (because Aussie says she "put it into the envelope"). Putting into an envelope infers that the name card is not stapled and is separate from the magazine. That time, I was not disappointed with Aussie after reading that but after receiving that stapled copy, I was disappointed but I do not take it to heart after expressing my frank opinions down at pngbd.com and personally e-mailed to Aussie this morning.

Now, my state is still anxiety. Normally, Paradise copies arrive very fast in Singapore and Australia. Now it is the opposite. ibi's side e-mailed to me it does not have copies of Paradise Nov/Dec 2003 because they are all now with Port Moresby side. I don't know why it takes such long time to distribute to on-line offices where Air Niugini flies to.

As for online flight schedules of Papua New Guinea, our clients abroad prefer the physical softcopy ones or hardcopy ones publsihed and printed by Air Niugini and not by my clients' own computers. They do not like Internet flight schedules. They also don't like Net information on Papua New Guinea as it means they are wasting toner cartirdges money on printing the information out, wasting further lots of paper and killing more trees...
Kucinta Setia
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