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Old 01-08-2005, 01:05 PM
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Intriguing news from around the world - new discoveries + weird stuff goin' round

A new find for Nano tech

LONDON: Nearly all types of paper, plastic and packaging have unique microscopic imperfections or fingerprints on their surface that could be used as a cheaper way to prevent fraud, scientists said yesterday.
The identity code is virtually impossible to change and can be easily read with a portable laser scanner to combat the forgery of passports, ID cards and other documents.
“Our findings open up the way to a new and much simpler approach to authentication and tracking,” said Russell Cowburn, a professor of nanotechnology at Imperial College London. Nanotechnology involves the manipulation of materials on an atomic or molecular scale. In research published in the science journal Nature, Professor Cowburn and colleagues at Imperial College and Durham University studied the flaws on plastic, paper and coated cardboard surfaces using a focused laser and recorded the intensity of the reflections in scattered light. Each surface had a distinctive pattern that remained even if the material was mangled, baked, submerged in cold water or scoured with an abrasive cleaning pad.
“The beauty of this system is that there is no need to modify the item being protected in any way with tags, chips or ink — it’s as if documents and packaging have their own unique DNA,” Prof Cowburn said in a statement.

Surgeons deliver 27-year old baby from middle-aged housewife

JAKARTA: Indonesian surgeons have delivered a 27-year-old baby from a middle-aged housewife who had carried the dead body inside her because she was too poor to have it removed, doctors said.
A team of 15 doctors operated for three hours to retrieve the 1.6 kg petrified baby from the 54-year-old woman, identified as Taminah, at the Sutomo general hospital in the Java island city of Surabaya.
“This may be a world record. The woman has carried the dead but fully developed baby inside her for 27 years,” said Dr Urip Murtejo.
He said the woman was otherwise healthy but had been referred to the hospital from her home of Bojenegoro, west of Surabaya, after complaining of occasional pains in her stomach.
Taminah’s baby perished before birth in 1978 after it developed outside the womb. At the time she could not afford the surgery to extract it, Dr Murtejo said. The woman was recovering at the hospital and was said to be in good health after the operation. The body was taken for forensic study.

Cambodian grandmothers claim being impregnated by a spirit.

PHNOM PENH: A pair of Cambodian grandmothers whose ages total more than 150 have caused hundreds to flock to a Buddhist pagoda after claiming they were impregnated by a spirit and will soon be delivering three babies between them. Ou Sarun, 84, claimed she was visited by a deity in her dreams and is now carrying twins, due next month. Her friend Mom Hau, 71, claimed she is five-months pregnant to the same spirit.
The pagoda, in the southern port town of Sihanoukville, has become a magnet for both faithful Buddhists seeking increased fertility and the curious since the grandmothers went public.
Don't know what my future holds but do know who holds my future
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Old 02-08-2005, 11:54 PM
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Its really weird, is that a recent article?
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Old 03-08-2005, 10:59 AM
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On world news section of the Post dated ...er... 01/08/05.....
Don't know what my future holds but do know who holds my future
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