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Old 19-10-2008, 06:17 PM
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Moving to Port Moresby with 6 month old boys

My husband has a job in Port Moresby and I am looking at moving over with my 6 month old boys however I went to see a travel doctor at my GP's practice and she told me that she wouldn't advise I move over until the boys are 1 year old due to Malaria and other illnesses as there is no medication that can be given to infants under 1 year of age.

I'd definitely like a second opinion on this.
Can anyone shed some light on this?
Has anyone moved over with children under 1, if so what advice did your doctor give you?

Thank you for your time.

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Old 20-10-2008, 10:00 PM
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Post Medical in Port Moresby


Papua New Guinea has a lot on diseases that you would do not get in New Zealand, and the medical treatment and facilities will not compare to those where you come from. Malaria, hepatitis, AIDS, etc.

Private practitioners are your only option.

Papua New Guinea is a third world country as I am sure you are well aware, and anyone with the means will fly overseas if they have any serious illness or any inclination that they are really sick. In worst cases people are medivaced to Australia in the extreme cases or car accidents, which should be covered by your employers insurance. You are only a short distance from Cairns in a worst case situation, so all things considered most expats survive and in.

And due to the distance from Cairns, it may be an idea to take a few long weekends here and there and get your babies checked in Australia just for piece of mind. Hey great excuse for some shopping as well.

I did and I went there from 4 for 17 years.

But like your doctor said, her concerns were the medicines that can be given to children under 1. Malaria for instance is very common and not a very pleasurable disease even with medication.

All the best with your transition and hope everything goes well.


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Old 21-10-2008, 02:01 PM
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dear Kiwi

Shane has given you excellent advice - my sister and i grew up in Moresby and we also had kids born and growing up there and never contracted malaria - it is a disease which is predominant in villages and outside cities (like Moresby and Lae) however, it is always wise to keep the little ones covered and protected from mossies - you won't have trouble finding other mums with young bubs; there are plenty of social groups you can be part of and the other expat mums will give you plenty of advice on how to look after your little ones...
keep in mind your kids immunisations and checkups are best done in Cairns
take care all the best
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Old 01-11-2008, 06:45 PM
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Thank you for your replies, much appreciated. Does anyone know worst case scenario if my boys who are under 1 year old get malaria what is the treatment for this and whats the worst that could happen?
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Old 24-11-2008, 04:16 PM
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Worst case for malaria is death. But it is extremely rare and non-existent if you take precautions. My son lived up there from 9 months and we used the latest medicines to innoculate him. And he spends a lot of time in his mother's village. Eight years on and no sign of it, though both his mother and I have picked it up.

The latest meds for infants are quite good. The one's for adults, whilst working make you sick. I jsut threw the dice, a risk I wasn't willing to take with my son.
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