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School Mates Catch up with your school mates from PNG. TISOL, POMIS, RIS, POM Grammar, Bulae, and a lot more!

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Old 07-10-2008, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Sue willmot
Hi there

Our daughter working in New York, came across this website. I was Sue Knott, and yes, I married Eric Willmot, who by the way, was a Maths teacher. We very much enjoyed our time at Lae High. Eric went on to become a Professor at a University and also Director General of the Education systems of South Australia and the ACT. I have taught most of my working life but now work in administration here on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Eric especially remembers many of you, and has many tales he could tell. As we normally visit Port Vila every year, we shall try to contact Bev Sands. Got to say Lae High was my very first teaching post and there was no other school I ever enjoyed as much. All the best to you all.
Hi Sue and Eric, I was at Lae High from 1971 to 1975 and I'm sure I remember a Mr Willmot but I don't know if I was in his class or not, actually I can't really remember any classes except for some teachers names. What did you teach during your time there and did Eric teach any other subject?
Regards, Lynne.
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Old 12-10-2008, 11:37 AM
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Smile Old Friends

Originally Posted by bbaby
Hi everyone,My mum taught at Lae High for a number of years before going across the road to Bulae..she taught Home Economics to the girls including sewing..her name is BEV SANDS & has retired in Port Vila Vanuatu.She taught at the central primary school in vila for a long time & became the headmistress & retired 4 years ago..regards Darren.
Hi Darren,

Hope you can and do remember me, I am Hannah Torome's daughter, Elvie. I live in Melbourne now, have been for the last 20 yrs. I also went to Lae High. The good old days! And so did my sisters Gloria, Pauline and MaryLinda and our brother, George. Your mum was our Home Ec. teacher. She taught us to sew and so much more...My mum is still alive and lives in Wamira village, Milne Bay Province. Some of our family still live in Lae. I was in Lae in 2005. Lae has changed but THE PEOPLE are still the same. I had a reunion with all my ex-Lae High Softball Team and also the same mob played with the Freightways Softball Team a few years later and coached then by Alan Rowe. All the girls are still the same. They are now planning to come to visit me here in Melbourne next March. I have been trying to find your mum and your family. I now know where she is, thanks to this forum and for your input. Have been thoroughly enjoying reading all the news of the past.

We're all going back to Alotau for my nephew's wedding (a real taste of Milne Bay style wedding) before we head for Wamira. A hike over the Owens Stanley Ranges by PMV to the northern part of Milne Bay then by boat that could take 5-8hrs to Wamira and if the boat is running late we may overnight in one of the villages there.

I would love to tell my mum news of your parents and your family etc. My email is e_torome@hotmail.com I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Old 28-10-2008, 10:36 PM
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Some pics..

A couple of pics - one I scanned and one I found on Facebook
Attached Images
File Type: jpg LaeHigh_2H_74.jpg (69.1 KB, 86 views)
File Type: jpg LaeHigh_3H_74.jpg (63.1 KB, 83 views)
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Old 25-11-2008, 10:38 PM
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Hi Tim, lots of familiar faces there! I'm in the 3N photo, front row, second from left. Doesn't seem that long ago.... Pam (Mansell).
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Old 24-06-2009, 03:01 PM
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Lae High teachers circa 1965

Back row: Mr Norman Dennis, Mr Warren Gibson, unknown
Front row: Unknown, Mrs Ann Mallard, Mr Neal Blackburn, Mrs Sealy, Mrs Tonks
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Lae High Teachers(a).jpg (179.1 KB, 57 views)
Wendy Clarke (formerly Wendy Phillips)
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Old 24-06-2009, 03:12 PM
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Lae-Markham reunion 2009 Brisbane Sun 4 Oct 11am-6pm

Hi wantoks, Wendy Phillips here (ex-Lae resident 1954-67).

For those who remember the magic of the 2006 Lae-Markham reunion, and for all those who missed out last time, we are holding another Lae-Markham reunion on 4 October 2009 - see details below. This was a sudden decision - people have been asking when were we going to have another one, but I have been undergoing treatment for cancer for the past 6 months and wasn't sure I felt up to hosting another reunion. Then, in late March, while waiting for my daily radiation treatment at the Mater in Brisbane, I ran into Mr Bricknell, the headmaster of Coronation Primary in the early 60's, and a couple of days later, Jim and Anna Seeto. My enthusiam was suddenly rekindled, and I sent out the first emails to my contact list on 2nd April. We have 324 people on our "expressions of interest" list as at 23 Jul 2009, with only room for 400, so get in quick - I'd hate to see anyone miss out again. Meanwhile, check out the links below to the 2006 reunion guest list, souvenir booklet, and Facebook photo albums, where many of the guests have been "tagged".



Where: Broncos Leagues Club, Fulcher Road, Red Hill, Brisbane Qld, Ph: (07) 3858 9000, in the Auditorium. The venue is wheelchair-friendly, and there is plenty of parking on Sundays, in club grounds, on the street outside and in the next-door TAFE College car park.

When: Sunday 4th October 2009 from 11 am to 6 pm BY INVITATION ONLY, final RSVP date now 25 August 2009.
Contact Wendy Clarke (nee Phillips) for your invitation.
Phone: (07) 3299 1290 (prefix 617 for overseas guests)
Mobile: 0412 950 808
Email: wendyemc@optusnet.com.au

Who: Anyone who lived in Lae/Markham Valley at any time prior to Independence 1975 (doesn’t matter if you stayed on after, or are still there, just as long as you arrived before), plus their significant other, whether PNG or not, and/or any adult children either PNG-born or with an interest in PNG. Also, anyone who had close ties to Lae/Markham prior to Independence, with friends there whom they visited often, and any post-Independence Lae friends of existing guests up to 1985. The aim of this reunion is about connecting with people we knew way back when, so that almost everyone there will be someone you knew or whose family you knew. There will still be plenty of those "Oh my God!" moments so many of you experienced in 2006 - we have tracked down a lot more old friends/classmates since then - and this will be your last chance to be part of the magic, wantoks - I will be hosting no more Lae-Markham reunions after this one.

Admission Cost: $35 per person, covers auditorium hire, name badges etc., decorations, lucky dip prizes, old Lae/PNG photo slideshow, reunion souvenir booklet as per 2006, finger food only, though a much more substantial menu than in 2006 (pre-lunch nibbles, lunch and afternoon tea). Drinks not included in admission price, to be purchased individually at club bar prices. See contact details above for your invitation.
Wendy Clarke (formerly Wendy Phillips)

Last edited by wendyemc; 27-07-2009 at 02:06 PM. Reason: adding more details
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Old 27-07-2009, 01:59 PM
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Hi all Lae High alumni

Just found this forum site following a bout of nostalgia. I attended Lae High School between 1971 and 1973 (Form 1 through to Form 3).

I only have a photo of the Form 3 class I was in (and it isn't an 'official' photo). It was taken by our Form teacher, Mr Sherborne. Can't provide it at the moment as still on L plates with regard to a new scanner!

However, some of my classmates (from various years) included:
John Moore, Lyn Blackwell, Beverly Cam, Leigh Barker, Debra Hastings, Anne Wallace, Cheryl Morrison, Pauline David, Lily Tsui, Alan Stuart-Watt, Roger Cole, Peter Tremellen, Matthew Whale, Stephen O'Shaunessy, Leanne Jensen, Michele Hughes, Penny Purslow, Tracy Emery, Carolyn Rickett, Kim Anderson, Raymond M (can't remember surname), Sharon Bluett, Isobel Darling, Elizabeth Ryan, Carole Lee, Christine Diews, Suzanne Drew (or Drews?), Matilda Jacobs, Heather Wilkins, Richard Bewicke and Margot Hall. These are all I can recall. Sorry to those not mentioned . . .

Teachers I recall (from various years) include:
Mr Boyle (or Boyce), Science I think
Mrs Duffy (I remember her associated with the Library, but she probably taught other subjects as well)
Mrs Joyce Grant (who could forget!), Deputy Head
Mr Albert Flute, Headmaster (and taught various subjects over the years) (His dog's name was Sammy)
Mr Bruce Sherborne, Geography (and hockey)
Mr Vince Tye, Music
Mr Eric Wilmott
Miss Sue Knott
Mrs Tarrant or Farrant, English or History (not sure)
Mr Frith, English (I think). He came to LHS from an African country - may be Zimbabwe?
Mr McCollough, Science? (not sure)
Mr Hagan or Hagen? Maths?
Mrs Beverly Sands, Domestic Science
Mrs Ivy Louis, French

The Hughes family has been mentioned in a few posts. We lived next door to them on Cassowary Road for a couple of years. They were a great family and I have fond memories of my friendship with Michele. I lost touch with her after she returned to the States and I returned to Australia. My younger sister kept in touch with Denise Hughes for a number of years but I'm not sure of current links between them. The Hughes siblings were Stephanie, Bruce, Sondra, Michele and Denise. Mr and Mrs Hughes were like a second set of parents for me; they were always friendly and supportive.

Hope these names enable a few more memories to rise to the surface! Thanks to those who have contributed - it's been fun to read.


Deborah Carraro
(Lae High School 1971 - 1973 and Bulae Primary School, 1968 - 1970)

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Old 27-07-2009, 02:17 PM
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Hi Deborah, John Moore is coming to my Lae-Markham reunion in October. He is on Facebook if you want to get in touch, as are a couple of the Bluetts and maybe some others of the names you mention.

Cheers, Wendy
Wendy Clarke (formerly Wendy Phillips)
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Old 27-07-2009, 02:37 PM
Deborah Carraro Deborah Carraro is offline
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Hi Wendy

Love your work providing info and photos about Lae. I really regret that my parents weren't into photoography while we were in Lae. We have virtually nothing from that time.

Thanks for your reply regarding John Moore.

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Old 12-09-2010, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Maz View Post
Vince Tye's (the music teacher) contact details can be found on Friends United site, the old schoolfriends.com.au. Wonderful memories of Lae High, I remember the sadness when Albert De La Cruz was killed on the Highlands Highway (not such a great memory). Do you remember the McClatchie Brothers (John and Sam). Regards, Maz
Hi Marianne

I was in the same class as you in Lae High School. You were friendly with a group of girls, Jan, Robyn and Leanne.

Albert dela Cruz started me on guitar and I still play these days. I did hear about his accident at the time.

I remember Tim Kennedy hitting me on the head on my first day in Maths class with Mr Wilmott. Kinda stupid really cos he was in front of me so easy to take revenge!! So he stopped. I was sitting next to Tony Smith.

John Walker got divorced after he went to the US. Our families kept in contact for a while back in OZ.

I remember John McClatchie, he was a bit deaf. I can remember in class one time he was talking to me and Mrs Duffy started talking to him. He was ignoring her. Then she shouted, "What's the mater, are you deaf?" and John Replied " Yes as a mater of fact I am." John was the first person I ever heard say Jimi Hendrix was a god.

There was Simon Sandover son of the Dean at LIT. He threw Glenn Cam in the ditch waiting for the bus after school and Glen needed surgery on his severed Tendon. I can remember Mr Flute wanted to suspend Simon just before the final exams over something that happened the school dance. I can remember have discussions with Mr Flute about not doing this. Then Simon borrowed some money from me so he could buy a car.

There was Glenys Lam Sing who had needed some heart surgery a couple of years later.

Peter Holland was a harmless sort. I can still hear Jan Webb Saying " Bite your bum Peter."

There was the an American guy from Guam whose name escapes me.

There was Nelson Conboy, Alofa Valu, Philip Sode, Sian Lau, Penny Quarry, Bettina Mave. Maye if I can think harder i might rememberso more names.

I accidentally met Philip Sode at his parents mission station in the southern highlands in 1982. He had been living in a Kibutz in Israel.

Our science teacher was Bob Boyce.


Rod Blackwell
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