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Old 06-02-2009, 04:58 AM
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oilconsul is on a distinguished road
Various oil for sale

Oil Consul LTD has been selling its products in the United Kingdom since 1916, and today has more than 1,100 Texaco-branded service stations and employs 1,000 people. It has a retail market share of 10 percent.

Oil Consul LTD also markets and distributes lubricants, coolants and non-oil-related solutions to customers across the Africa and United Kingdom under the Havoline brand. Customer Services and Technical Support are based in Cheltenham, while Manufacturing and Distribution are provided from the Stoke-on-Trent office.

Through the Oil Consul brand, Agip serves the automotive, commercial, industrial and wholesale markets across the whole of the Africa and United Kingdom. In addition, Agip has 100 percent ownership of the Pembroke Refinery in southwest Wales. It is one of the largest manufacturers of gasoline in Northwest Europe, producing approximately three million gallons of petrol per day.
Worldwide Rule.

Oil Consul LTD company is a supplier of oils and fats since 1838. We offer Refined, USP/NF, Crude and Kosher (where applicable) vegetable oils, animal fats, fatty acids, and other oils for various industries. We are certified and registered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as a drug repackaging establishment -- all products are continually tested to maintain the highest quality. A full-time in house quality control laboratory tests and analyzes incoming and outgoing products using methods prescribed by U.S.P., F.C.C., A.O.C.S., A.S.T.M., and via gas chromatography to verify that they meet the required specifications and industry standards.

Oil Consul LTD Plc as a big company sell all it product at cheap and affordable price's.

Here are the list of different kinds of products we offer for sale from our company :

acai oil
almond oil
amaranth oil
anise seed oil
apricot oil
argan oil
avocado Oil
babassu oil
baobab oil
basil oil
bergamot oil
black currant seed oil
black seed oil
blueberry oil
borage oil
brazil nut oil
buchu oil
camellia oil
camomile oil
canola oil / rapeseed oil
carob pod oil
carrot seed oil
cashew oil
castor oil
cinnamon oil
clove oil
cocoa butter
coconut oil
coriander seed oil
corn oil
cottonseed oil
cranberry seed oil
cumaru - tonka bean oil
cumin seed oil
dill seed oil
eucalyptus oil
evening primrose
fennel seed oil
fenugreek oil
fir needle oil
flax seed oil
frankincense oil
geranium oil
ginger oil
gound nut oil
grape seed oil
grapefruit oil
hazelnut oil
hemp oil
jasmine oil
jatropha oil
jojoba oil
juniper berry oil
kapok seed oil
lavender oil
lemon grass oil
lemon oil
linoleic acid
linseed oil
macadamian nut oil
mamey sapota
melissa oil
mint oil
moringa oil
mugwort Oil
mustard oil
myrrh oil
neem oil
nutmeg oil
oleic acid
olive oil
olive oil - virgin
olive oil - extra virgin
olive oil - lampante
olive oil - pomace
olive oil - refined
orange oil
oregano oil
palm kernel oil
palm oil
palm oil - crude
palm oil - organic
palm stearin
palm stearin - organic
palm, RBD olein
palmarosa oil
Papaya seed oil
patchouli oil
pecan oil
penny royal oil
peppermint oil
perilla seed oil
pine seed oil
pomegranate Seed Oil
poppy seed oil
prune kernal oil
pumpkin seed
raspberry seed oil
red pepper oil
rice bran oil
rose hip oil
rose oil
rosemary oil
safflower oil
sage oil
sandalwood oil
savory oil
sesame oil
shea butter
soya bean oil
star anise oil
sunflower oil
tarragon oil
tea seed oil
tea tree oil
thyme oil
tobacco seed oil
truffle oil
tumeric oil
tung oil
vegetable oil
vegetable oil - used
walnut oil
watermelon seed oil
wheat germ oil
ylang ylang oi

You get back to us with your full order directly to our email address oilconsul@consultant.com or for official purpose...

Best Regards,
Walid Mohammed
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