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Old 13-02-2007, 08:36 PM
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My Trip to PNG

Hi People out there,

Last year was very special for me cause i travelled around Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and i spend two months in Papua New Guinea. PNG was definitely something special and my favourite cause life is different up there ... thats what i told the aussie people. last year I spent July and August there and saw most places of the country but let's start from the beginning.

Me and my friend were allready travelling for about 5 month and we were into travelling but PNG was something new, something we didn't know what to think about.

We heard about good and bad storries and had no idea what to do in this country but i knew i had to go there. We flew from Cairns to Port Moresby at the first of july 2006, arrived at the airport and had no idea where to go.

I had a phone number of a cathollic mission in town, knew they were germans and called them. I got in contact with a german guy and all he sad was no worries, i'll pick you up in an hour .... just wait there. That's what i did and while waiting i started chatting with the security people at the airport. I told them i want to travel around PNG and wanna see the jungle, do some trekking but something special.

Thats how i got a list of names of people from a small village called Uritai at the lakakamu river from gulf province. We took a PMV to Kerema, jumped of lakekamu Bridge and went down to the village by a dingi. People were friendly in the village and we were very welcome. We spent two nights there and found 3 boys helping us with the trekking.

We started from Malalaua and went all the way up to Aseki via Anita, Santa Maria, Putei, Rockside, Tangama and Tawa. It took us about two weeks hard-core-trekking and spent the overnights in the villages. It was an amazing time, people were very friendly and hospitality was great.

From Aseki we had to take a 4WD (Landcruiser of course) to Bulolo and a PMV to Lae. From Lae we sent two of our Friends back home to uritai and one accompanied us for the rest of the trip. From Lae we went to Madang via Wewak further to Ambunti at the Sepik river, spent a couple of days there and went back to Madang.

After that we took a PMV to the highlands via Goroka to Hagen. We saw the enga and hagen show and spend about a week at lake kutubu. From Hagen we flew back to Port Moresby stayed there for a week and flew back to Cairns/Australia.

I came back to PNG in January 2007, met my father, his two brothers and my tambu (brother in law) for an other trip. We met in POM and went up the bulldog trek. I saw good old friends again and we had a lot of fun. This time was shorter, about 3 weeks and i had to say good bye for a second time to my PNG people. It was much more harder cause i didn't know if i'll ever come back ... see them again.

We had a great time in PNG, met a lot of friends and made very good experiences. It changed my live and i'm still thinking of my friends in PNG. Live is very simple but good. Now I am back in Austria and i miss it ... i miss sitting in a hut, eating sago, kau kau and taro. Drinking tea with them and telling stories the whole night.

Yeah, that's my story and everyone thinking of visiting PNG should do it. If anyone is interested in pictures should check out www.8ung.at/mmax/bilder.

lukim you wanpela taim,


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Old 14-02-2007, 11:44 AM
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Thankyou Max,
As you have pointed out Port Moresby does not necessarily represent PNG.
I thank you very very much for painting a wonderful picture of the real PNG.
Another thing.... could you kindly paste some pictures of your travels on this website please.
Thankyou again
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Old 14-02-2007, 07:35 PM
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ok, a view pictures

no problem, here are a view of thousend pictures. some impressions i made, people we met and places we stayed.

There are more pictures of the two trips on my website:
Trip No1: http://www.8ung.at/mmax/bilder/?path...0New%20Guinea/

Trip No2: http://www.8ung.at/mmax/bilder/?path...ea%20Teil%202/

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Old 14-02-2007, 07:38 PM
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and some more

Hope you like them ...
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Old 10-10-2016, 08:18 PM
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Trips to these areas are a lot of fun and i am sure certainly everything that has the best approach for the way it helps we can get to have ideas which are pretty correct with the understanding we see.
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