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5. Do we require Passport and Visa ?

You require a valid passport and a tourist visa for PNG prior to your departure for PNG. A 30 day tourist visa can only be issued in PNG if your port of arrival is Port Moresby. Getting a visa on arrival may create delays.

6. What electrical power is available on our vessel ?

Two generators one 12.5kva and one 6.5kva with 240 and 415 volt outlets plus 110 volts through a transformer.

7. How much baggage am I allowed ?

Divers are allowed to carry 16 KG or 35 Pounds of excess baggage on Air New Guinea. Do not pack anything that is totally unnecessary. If flying Qantas or American airlines (International) be aware that they are very strict about over sized or over weight bags.

8. What are the Milne Bay seasons and water temperatures ?

Water temperatures during summer may be as high as 85 degrees F and in winter as low as 76 degrees F.

May to Nov. - is the Southeast trade winds and rainy season. The winds can reach 20 to 25 knots at times which makes some exposed reefs difficult to dive. There are always plenty of excellent reefs that are protected and easy diving. These winds bring a blue current from the Coral Sea with great visibility.

Jan. to March is the Northwest season. The weather is hot and calm but sometimes squally with the northern parts being most affected.

This is perhaps the best time to dive Milne Bay with calm, hot days and water temperature of 82 degrees F. Cyclones in the Coral Sea seldom affect North West Milne Bay but the Eastern part of the Louisiade archipelago should be avoided. Between the seasons the winds are usually light and rainfall unpredictable.

9. What is the accommodation layout like ?

The vessel has three 2 berth comfortable cabins.
All the accommodation is air-conditioned.

10. What dive equipment should I bring ?

Divers should bring all their own personal equipment including BCD, Regulator, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Computer and Gauges.

Provided : Supply tanks, weights and belts, air-fills and a few spare regs. and bcds.
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11. Will I be sea sick ?

Dive sites are carefully chosen and are generally very calm. Our vessel is fitted with exotic mechanical stabilizers, for your comfort, which are used while travelling and at anchor. If you are susceptible to sea sickness, you should bring an appropriate seasick medicine.

12. Are there any special health considerations ?

Malaria is present in PNG. We normally anchor well of shore and seldom have mosquitoes near the boat. You may have your doctor recommend a course of prophylaxis and it also helps to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes by wearing long clothing in the evenings and using insect repellent especially if going ashore.

Apart from malaria Milne Bay is a healthy place but you must remember you are in the tropics. You should bring alcohol based eardrops to dry ears after diving and a good antibiotic ointment to apply to any coral cuts or scratches which can quickly become infected.

13. What level of skills are required for diving Milne Bay onboard our vessel ?

Most of our dive sites are fairly easy diving with not much current. We do dive sites however, which are open -ocean pinnacles where the currents are stronger. Many places with current we will "Drift dive". We ask you to be careful and always dive within the safe limits of your computer.

14. Do you have Oxygen on board ?

We carry sufficient oxygen to transport patients to a place of evacuation.

15. How many dives per day are allowed ?

Diving is controlled by travelling time and the safety limits of your computer, which is a must for our diving. At some sites where we spend full days, people may go in and out as they desire.

16. Should I have travel insurance ?

Travel insurance is definitely recommended.

17. Do I need emergency evacuation insurance ?

Many of our dive sites are in very remote locations. We Strongly recommended that DAN insurance is taken out prior to leaving your country. The closest recompression chamber is in Port Moresby and the cost of medivac can be very expensive. Insurance could save you a considerable amount of money in an emergency and speed up the evacuation process.
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18. Is the water safe to drink ?

Water on board is safe to drink as it is processed by a Desalinater and then filtered.

19. What is your water capacity ?

We have 4000 liters of fresh water in tanks and a desalinisation capable of producing up to 1000 liters of fresh water per day. Water conservation is always important but if divers are reasonable with their use of fresh water then this is sufficient.

20. Can you provide for special dietary needs ?

While the selection of food available to us is good it is not always consistent. If you have special dietary needs or requests for food or drinks you should let us know well in advance when you pay your deposit.

21. What dress and sun protection do you recommend ?

Dress is light and casual. We recommend a hat and lightweight clothing that covers most of the body for protection from sun and insects. Also good shoes if you wish to do some bush walks. We recommend you bring plenty of sun screen and some insect repellent for bush walking.

22. Can I use the telephone and email onboard ?

Yes, but the Satellite phone is very expensive at US$2-00 per minute. You may have incoming calls free.

23. Do you have alcohol available for sale ?

No we are not licensed to sell alcohol. You may bring your own or if you place a order with us we will buy it on your behalf and have it onboard when you arrive.

Booking and further information required - please contact Us : tours@pngbd.com
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