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Old 01-11-2002, 09:12 AM
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Question Please help

Hello people of Papua
I am a university student in South Australia.
For my project I am translating an article from English to Tok Pisin.
Could someone please read it and tell me what mistakes I have made.
I think I have got the phrases wriong as I have translated it word by word rather than as expressions.
I have really enjoyed working with the language, I have found it very creative and interesting.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Jen.

Maski long hap stap planti man na meri insait long skuls insait long Papua Nupela Guinea, Austrelian univesitis gat gut samtings long lain long belong longwe ples na kanaka studens.
Austrelia gat planti univesitis long kisim long laikbilong.
Wan wantaim planti kainkain long lainim stap long Univesiti long Saut Austrelia.
Sapos yu long filim save olsem lainim insait long Austrelia yu nidim long save wanpela wan wan samtings samting long kainkain long edukatim yu inap bringim.
Long Univesiti long Saut Austrelia ken gut menag kainkain man bilong save narapela kantris.
Long univesiti gat wanpela Aboriginal na Torres Strait Ailaner Sapotim Lain long pepil long kanaka na ailaner bekgroun.
Ya sapotim lain saves belong longwe ples narakains olsem inap go antap insait long univesiti taim na redims rots long menag wantaim em.
Prens bungim na patina samting long mekim long redim long long stadim yia na inap halivim studens long bungim pipel husat gat long wankain i laikum tru.
Long hap stap wanpela gut bikpela man hap rot long pipel husat nogat wanpela edukeitim save rnidim long univesiti edukeitim.
Rises lainims long long hap tasol long belong longwe ples studens na ya kaunim studens bilong Papua Nupela Guinea.
Univesiti winims inap wokim univesiti lainim wanpela amamas taim long studens na putim long bilong ol CV long long pinis.
Long hap stap toksave stap long redim belong lonwe ples studens husat long tingting long kam long Austrelia long lainim.
Long hap stap tu na komputa pre-
leisim woksop wsnem stap bihainim wantaim wanpela kam bek haus woksop long halivim studens husat me nidim halivim insait long strongim insait long long senisim long stave na singaut long long lainim insait long Austrelia.
Arere long long woksop long univesiti mekim ofas antap long kamap rots, painim aut toksave antap long rots long wanpela studen insait long Saut Austrelia na kisim yusim long stap insait long wanpela nupela cantri.
Studens inap painim pinis em wanpela bikbik tumas long kisim yusim long wanpela nupela cantri na nupela lainims.
Long hap stap wanpela belong longwe ples studens niuspepa na wanpela sapotim wokmans long belong longwe ples studens.
Sapos bilong yu Inglis nidim sampela wok long hap long lainims long Academic Inglis Kamapim.
Long univesiti tu gat planti toksave samting painim pinis haus insait long Adelaide, Saut Austrelia.
Long hap stap wanpela komputa hap olsem gat tambu long algeta baim na skelim haus.
Ya stap long belong longwe ples studens haus na skul ples bilong haut.
Antap long kamapal na liklik taim haus stap available insait bek bugim wantaimís haus, i no dea hotels na sia na tabols rums.
Long univesitiís komputa hap makim gat turism toksave, niuspepas na buks insait long Saut Austrelia.
Sapos yu passim tingting long bringim biolng yu famili wantaim yu long lainim insait long Austrelia long hap long nambawan pikinini luk bihain long moa tru skuls.
Australien univesitis gat planti samting na buks na planti long samting.
Buk haps wok wantaim long allow larim studens long kros dinau givim gut planti toksav.
Long long Univesiti long Saut Austrelia yu inap bringim antap wan long long traim saves, tok no komputa stadims long nem wanpela wan wan.
Long Bachelor long Samting tru Samting Menagment long Roseworthy skul stap wanpela save laik long kanaka pipel askim insait long planims na wara menagment.
Lainims long wanpela bikpela samting pat long long tumora long Papua Nupela Guinea givim pipel mo yusim long komputa maket.
Komputas long halivimful insait long kisim pipel antap long long Internet olsem long yet insait long liklik bisnis.
Narapela stadims long nes stadims olsem gat plamti haps gut wok.
Haus sik insait long Papua Nupela Guinea nidim long wok wantaim wanpela namba long nes wantaim univesiti stadims.
Insait long Austrelia long hap long so planti samtings long lainim na kisim long laik bilong olsem em stap oitam I ken long painim pinis lainims long long kain yu olsem.
Planti man bilong save gat tok bilong ol studen yias long long nambawan long bilong ol taim, ya inap be tru long wanpela hap olsem long Univesiti long Saut Austrelia.
Austrelian univesitis mekim ofa long stap gut taim long wanpels liklik taun hap westap yu inap save yu long I stap gut long planti haps insait long long graun.
Wanpela univesiti edukatim inap tantanim bilong yu taim maski ems hat long lusim bilong yu haus long lainim wanpela narakain kantri tasol em bai be I ken sapos yu pes poret long long wanem yu laik wataim yu long pinisim.
Em me be hat wok tasol yu inap kisim wanpela gut wok wataim yu pinis.
Toksave bai long salim insait long pos no bilong email, fax no telepon.
Sapos yu laik mo toksav, go long ya komputa hap.

Now here is the English version
Although there is overcrowding in schools in Papua New Guinea, Australian universities have good lessons to offer foreign and indigenous students.
Australia has many universities to choose from.
One with many choices of study is the University of South Australia.
If you are feeling like studying in Australia you need to know a few things about the kind of education you can take.
The University of South Australia can well manage all kinds of students from other countries.
At the university there is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support Group for people of indigenous and islander backgrounds.
This support group understands foreign differences that can arise in university time and prepares ways to deal with it.
Friends meeting and parties and something to do are prepared for the study year and can help students to meet people who have the same interests.
There is a good adult place way for people who donít have an education usually required for university education.
Research studies are there just for foreign students and this counts students from Papua New Guinea.
University wins can make university study a happy time for students and put to their CV at the end.
There is information there to prepare foreign students who are thinking of coming to Australia to study.
There is also a computer pre-leave workshop which is followed with a returning home workshop to help students who may need help in settling into the change of living and demands of studying in Australia.
Besides the workshop the university offers information about on-arrival ways, find out information on ways of a student in South Australia and get used to living in a new country.
Students can find it a little too much to get used to a new country and new studies.
There is a foreign students newsletter and a support network of workers for foreign students.
If your English needs some work there are studies of Academic English Development.
The university also has much information about finding accommodation in Adelaide, South Australia.
There is a computer place that have private rental and shared house.
This is for foreign students house and school shelter.
On arrival and little time house is available in backpackerís houses, cheap hotels and chairs and tables rooms.
The universities computer place have tourism information, newspapers and books in South Australia.
If you decide to bring your family with you to study in Australia there are first class child look after at most schools.
Australian universities have many things and books and plenty of substance.
Book places work together to allow students to cross borrow giving good plenty information.
At the University of South Australia you can take up one of the practice sciences, talk or computer studies to name a few.
The Bachelor of Natural Substance Management at Roseworthy school is a like doing for indigenous people ask in vegetation and water management.
Computer studies are an important part of the tomorrow of New Guinea giving people more use of computer market.
Computers are helpful in getting people on the net that are already in small businesses.
Other studies are nursing degrees that have many places and good work.
Hospitals in New Guinea need to work with a number of nurses with university studies.
In Australian universities there are so many things to learn and that it is always possible to find studies of the kind you like.
Many clever people have said their student years were the best of their time, this can be true at a place like the University of South Australia.
Australian universities can offer the safe time of a small town area where you are safer than many places in the world.
A university education can turn around your time although it is hard to leave home and move to a different country but it will be possible if you face forward to what you want when you are finished.
It may be hard work but you can get a good job when you finish.
Information will be sent in the post or from email, fax or telephone
If you want more information, go to this computer place.

If you have gotten this far you have done well, thank you.
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Old 01-11-2002, 12:22 PM
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I will do

Hi there Jen,

I have printed your work and would proof read it to make corrections in your translation.

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Old 04-11-2002, 09:04 AM
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Thank you for your interest

Hi there
I am happy to see you have taken an interest in my project.
I apppreciate your help.
Much thanks, Jen.
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Old 12-11-2002, 12:34 AM
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Hi Jen / bladey... did you two sort this thing out? cheers
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Old 12-11-2002, 08:43 AM
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Thanks but still not sure

I have not been able to have my translation verified yet. it is for an assignment and it needs to be back by the end of this week. My tutor will accept it as it is although it would have been good to have it translated acurrately.
Thanks for your interest, it is appreciated.
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Old 12-11-2002, 02:04 PM
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Hey Jen,
I'm currently at Adelaide Uni
if you need help with the assignment
utz@airnet.com.au is my email address if you want contact details or something.
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Old 13-11-2002, 12:41 PM
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Re: Thanks but still not sure

Originally posted by jen
I have not been able to have my translation verified yet. it is for an assignment and it needs to be back by the end of this week. My tutor will accept it as it is although it would have been good to have it translated acurrately.
Thanks for your interest, it is appreciated.
Gee sorry mate.
I'll get the translation back online by end of today........ I got carried away for a while with work.
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Old 13-11-2002, 03:05 PM
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Message for Jen

Jen, here is the first part of my translation for your work......... What do you think ?

Maski olgeta skul i ken pulap long Papua Niugini, Ol univesiti long Austrelia igat gutpla samting long kisim save na lainim blong ol longwe na asples sumatin.

Austrelia igat planti univesiti tru we yu ken makim laik bilong yu na igo sikul.

Wanpela we yu ken makim insait long planti kainkain univesiti em Univesiti bilong Saut Austrelia.

Sapos yu laik skul long Austrelia yu mas save long sampela samting yu inap lainim.

Univesiti long Saut Austrelia iken lukautim kainkain sumatin bilong narapela kantri.

Long univesiti, igat wanpela Abreginol na Tores Stret Supot Grup bilong ol asples and nambis lain blong Austrelia.

Dispela grup iken halivim na stretim sindaun bilong ol sumatin bilong ol kainkain kantri sapos ol igat gat koros na ino wanbel long arapela sumatin we ino wantok bilong ol.

Peles bilong kibung na bungim ol poroman or poromeri em ol i redim pinis bilong yia na ol sumatin wantaim sempla kain tingting iken go na bung na hamamas.

Igat ples tu bilong ol mama na papa long kisim save taim ol ino bin pinisim skul inap long mak ol yangpla save kamap bipo ol igo long univesiti.

Wok painim aut o reses em blong ol kainkain sumatin ikam long longwe ap olsem Papua Niugini.

Kas bilong sikul long univesiti iken kamapim hamamas bilong sikul long ol sumatin na igo wantaim pepa bilong wok bihain taim long sikul i pinis.

Toksave ol i mekim pinis long givim tingting kirap long ol longwe sumatin usait iwok long tingting long skul long Austrelia.

Igat sikul bilong usim komputa behainim wantaim sikul bilong lukautim haus long halivim ol sumatin ikamap pes taim long Austrelia long stap wankain na sikul wankain.

Dispela skul tu em igivim toksave long kamap na stap bilong ol sumatin long Saut Austrlia na lainim long stap long niupela kantri.

Sampela taim ol sumatin iken painim hat long niupela kantri na sikul.

Igat niuspepa na supot netwok bilong ol wokman long halivim ol sumatin blong longwe.

Sapos tok Ingilis blong yu ino orait tumas, igat skul long lainim gut Ingilis ol i kolim Akademik Ingilis Divelopmen.

Univesiti igat toksave tu long painim haus blong yu long stap long Adelaide, Saut Austrelia.

Wanpela komputa peles istap, we yu ken stap yu yet long haus yu baim o stap wantaim planti lain na skelim haus.

Dispela kain skul haus em blong ol longwe sumatin.
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Old 13-11-2002, 06:28 PM
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This is great!!!!

Thank you so much for doing this. It is so good to see the translation at work adn I can see I am a complete beginner in Tok Pisin.
And thanks to all the others who took an interest and time with my work.
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