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Old 23-12-2004, 07:33 PM
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Exclamation Help Needed for the victims of Manam Island!

Issue # 1 ((Recent Update))
24th October – 23rd December 2004
Phone: ( 675 ) 8521252
Fax: ( 675 ) 8522807

A Catastrophic and Devastative Eruption!

The recent Manam volcanic eruption of 24th October and 23rd November 2004, had left many “Manam Motu lovers”, to wonder if their place of birth, as well as rest, is any safer to look forward to in future.
Never before in the living memory and history of our people, have we experienced such destruction. This incident brought on vast catastrophic, devastation that has blanketed, burnt and totally destroyed all flora and fauna to such an extent that the entire village of Abaria is barren and naked. You can run your eyes through, from the beach right up to the village and beyond towards the mountains. What you see now, is a totally different scene compared to what it used to be. Abaria, which was known for its flora and fauna for hundreds of years, is today as lifeless, as an outer planet. What we have inherited from our forefathers for generations and have dearly cherished for years, has disappeared before our very eyes.
You have read and seen in part and may not fully comprehend and appreciate what we have been through in the last three months, dating from October to December.

We have lost our loved ones during the eruption, including our ancestral land, our homes and our identity. And now that we are scattered across the mainland –

The 8,000 people displaced from Manam Island due to the volcano, are today being cramped up at the Asuramba plantation. In particular, the Kuluguma people, whose light blue nylon porous tents are so close together, in a congestive manner. Some villagers are still residing with their mainland relatives like the Warisi’s at Babangawa. Others at Bonaputa, Dagoi, Tobenam, Boisa camp.
Apart from the Kulugumas, Kolang and Dangale have settled in at Asuramba Mangem plantation is home to the Abarians, Bokure and Dugulabas.
The Zogari people are next to join the 200 plus people of Budua who have settled at Potsdam since 1996 eruption. Member for Zogri, Councilor Michael Sila and his people have set up their tents and a new 6 bed health clinic skeleton frame had been erected.

Lands Department officals in the likes of Joe Ururu and his team are in the process of dividing up the block. The blocks are 30m×10m to build a house on for each family. So far they have done 62 blocks. Zugari has 142 family heads and a population of 797.
The people wash and collect their drinking water from Botola spring water just across the road. Two kilometers away (from Bogia station) the Yassa people are in the process of chopping down coconut palms to clear up land for a new camp site. Others have not made any attempt as yet, to settle in at Potsdam. Some 2,000 more people from Baliau and Bosia Island are yet to be evacuated soon, possibly before Christmas Eve.
The message to villagers who are still living with relatives, friends and wantoks who are living outside the three care centers of Mangem, Asuramba and Potsdam are reminded that they are missing out on health services, possibly rations, law and order and other essentials.
You need to come into Care Centers………

“Kam insait long banis, igat helpim istap.”

Moving On…..

Apart from 8 hours of working and 8 hours of sleeping at the Care Centers, the 10,000 population need some form of recreational, occupational and rehabilitative activities to occupy themselves.
This is so that they don’t become mischievous amongst themselves, or towards the neighboring communities.
Any contributions from Manam’s around the country for sporting equipment such as, volleyball nets and balls, basketball rings and balls, soccer and rugby balls, fishing gear, canoes, and basically anything that they can use to occupy themselves in their leisure time, which is the remaining 8 hours. (8 hours x 3 = 24 hours)

Women folks need to be occupied with creative mother crafts like weaving, sewing and cooking lessons to forget the past and move on with life .
Any women’s group in Madang town interested?
……Good witnessing grounds! Don’t wait! Children at the three Care Centers also need recreational facilities.
Who would like to take that up , the Rotarians , the Lions or CMN ?

The five most badly affected villages are Abaria, Bokure, Warisi, Kolang and Dangale, all on the Liku side. They are the next ones to join Budua on the mainland. The rest of the villages have the option of returning someday.

To those who are able to trace back their lineage from tumbuna to talingan to salat or in Manam pile, Tubugu, Bezeri and Ranakagu have lost a great heritage. Remember the old sites where our forefathers used to live? And the stories that goes with those sacred sites? These majestic galip, mon, wild mango tress that were over 280 years old and forms the landmarks in our villages? Sori tru! My homeland dream gone forever, and never to see again.


Stories from Home

 Nights Before Departure……….

Bikos mipela istap long bikpela pret tru, long mounten paia,na bikpela bagarap I bin kamap long peles, mipela lusim hap bilong mipela long Maroawa na igo long hap bilong John Mosa long Raupa.
Mipela lusim peles (Abaria) long Sunday 28th November 2004.
Tasol, long Friday na Saturday nait I bin I gat krai long nait I kamap long peles bilong mipela long Maroawa.
Sampela family memba I ting ol meri, pikinini igo bek long haus bilong mipela na karai I stap. Tasol nogat!!
Karai kirap long empty haus na peles. Giraun bilong mipela I save olsem mipela ino nap lukim ol moa.
Olsem na olgeta man, meri, pikinini I krai long last two nights.
Mipela krai na sori tru long ol loved ones mipela lusim long peles, ol laim family bilong mipela husait ol I dai pinis….!
Wankain samting tu I bin kamap long ol narapela families.

Story by: Dorothy Ababa

 If There Was No Light Rain!!!

God was merciful to us. The fist-size scoria described in the papers could have easily set houses on fire in Abaria, if it wasn’t for the light rain that came with it. All the trees and green vegetation were destroyed by hot ash fall and burning scoria falling on them. We had to carry limbuns over our heads when we got out of the house to fetch water or go down to the beach to collect salt water for cooking.
Only once, we managed to go up the mountain to visit our gardens. But due to falling ashes and scoria, we abandoned our food gardens and saw them no more, because it was too dangerous.
The day that we left, I went over to our permanent house which was still standing at

the time, and I wept, and wept, bitterly, for so many reasons!
Only our good Lord knows my heart.
As everyone was boarding the barge, the dogs on the beach began barking and howling away………
It was as sad sight!
We are so thankful to the Lord for his protection over our lives these last remaining five weeks on the island.
Liku area could have been the next Sodom and Gomorrah to experience brimstone and fire to rain down from
Heaven, except that it came with rain to cool it off. Praise God for his mercies that are new every morning.

Story By Joyce Buruna Pakei

Our first Concern is:

1. ROOF COVERING - Light Plastic Canvas are NOT SUITABLE.
Although we are in the wet season period, we have not experienced much rain so far. However, when it does rain, the light blue nylon porous tent will be of little help, because rain water gets through the material. Tarpaulin, which is a heavy waterproof fabric made of canvas or similar material coated with tar, wax or paint is more
durable and desirable by the tent dwellers. It is common knowledge that nylon tents are not suitable for roof covering on its own, because rain water still penetrates through the light plastic canvas.
Strong sea breeze along the coast also tears apart the nylon tents.
Where are the quality control people in the county?
Have they approved of such materials as fit for human habitation? Or are we somebody’s dumping grounds?

2. PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS IN DIET - Secondly, there is a lack of protein food in the diet of all age groups. It is essential that they get at least a balanced meal a day to maintain their health. They need fishing gear like fishing lines, hooks, fishing nets, out – board motor boats, diving torches with batteries, to help themselves with protein supplement.
This need was evident from Otto Avorosi down to Camilus Dugumi and the Care Center staff. They all admitted that there is a short supply of canned fish and meat. Some evacuees brought their live, village chickens with them but no pigs.


Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our National Government for the three plantations on which we have re-settled.
We also extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Foreign Governments; Dignitaries, Non- Government Organizations, and Public Servants of various Departments at National, Provincial, and District levels.
Thank you so much for your continued support and assistance given us since the volcanic eruptions started.
Your generous giving in kind, especially local garden food by the people of this province is acknowledged with thanks, by the Manam communities at the three centers.


***If you wish to assit the victims of Manam in anyway please feel free to send us an email :bvc@datec.net.pg
or contact Mr John Aupae through the address listed above.
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Sina~>Engan Afro

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