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Old 12-03-2012, 09:05 PM
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moving to PNG for few months please advise about stuff

I am moving frm sydney to Port Moresby for few months from work. My work would provide some rental accomodation. This is all I know so far. I am wondering can someone help me with few queries:-
1.)What should I bring over and what not?
2.) I have heard super markets are damn expensive and also alcohol.
Any idea how much so I can figure out what should go in my bag.

Thanks for your time in advance.
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Old 15-03-2012, 08:23 AM
jeroche5000 jeroche5000 is offline
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I would be interested in the answer you get. I am also considering a move to PNG. I have heard that internet and mobile phone connectivity is spotty and expensive
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Old 19-03-2012, 09:38 AM
wazsiemacran wazsiemacran is offline
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If you are only going for a couple of months then you dont need to take that much, especially if you are being provided with furnished accommodation. Basically just comfort things - like if you like Milo lots, buy it in Aus and take it because it has a different consistency. The supermarkets have different stock, much of it from Indonesia, so many of the things are just different. The coffee (grounds/beans) are top rate in PNG so dont bother about anything like that. Depending on which part of Port Moresby youre going to be living in dictates what supermarket you'll go to - in town theres Stop n shop in Steamships, in Kone there is the Harbour City SVS foodland, in Gordons there is Boroko Foodworld. Prices are pretty expensive for everything, not just food and alcohol, but for example a can of coke is between k3 and k4 most places. Rice is k5.50 there abouts for a kilo bag. Imported fruit and veg is ridiculously expensive, and the local stuff can be poorer quality than you are accustomed to in Australia. The alcohol is expensive, depending on whether you buy it in a shop or drink in a bar. Dont expect australian beer because it is not around. SP is a fine beer though, a lager, and there is SP EXPORT as well.

As for internet and mobiles - Digicel coverage in port moresby has 3g data, and covers pretty much everywhere in town, and i think Hagen, Madang, Lae and Kokopo have 3g as well. Other areas have 2g or g data which is slow, and it can be a bit patchy (there are whole large swathes of the country without digicel coverage). bemobile covers some areas - but im not sure where because I use digicel. The digicel rates are 49t/mb and 11t/mb offpeak, which is cheaper than australia. Also - after 8pm weekdays and all sat and sun it is 49t/min to australia through digicel which is pretty cheap. I dont know the bemobile rates or the citifon rates though, but they prob have info at the airport on arrival.

The main thing id say about port moresby at the moment is stay away from vulupindi haus!!!
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