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The War Games:
At the end of the commentary on Part 3, producer Derrick Sherwin said that the “new” Doctor Who has shown Daleks gliding up stairs reacting like such a feat was shown for the first time ever with the modern age of Doctor Who.
Sherwin obviously hasn’t seen the season 25 (1988) opener Remembrance of the Daleks because if he had he would have known that a Dalek could be clearly be seen gliding up stairs for the first time with that story in 1988 not with the “new” series in 2005.

Remembrance of the Daleks:
The special feature on The Special Edition includes Back To The School a feature which had some of the cast and crew remembering their time making the story.
Before I go on, there was an error with the subtitles. During this programme, Moray Laing, editor of Doctor Who Adventures talked about Stuart Brisdon who had done the special effects for Remembrance.
Laing had mentioned previous Doctor Who stories that he had worked on including Mawdryn Undead but subtitle correlated it as Modern Men Undead.
Instead of interpreting the name as Modern Men Undead, the subtitle writer, who clearly did not know the word Mawdryn, should have looked up the list of Doctor Who episodes to find out precisely the name of that Doctor Who story. The subtitle writer should not had trouble finding the name Mawdryn Undead since this is the only story that has Undead in the title.
Back to School, I felt did not present a complete story about the making of Remembrance of the Daleks.
For starters there was the absence of Pamela Salem and Jasmine Breaks. From what was shown here, the interviewees makes no mention of them at all. In regards Jasmine Breaks as The Girl, I would have thought she have gotten a consideration mention since the girl had a significant role in the plot of the story.
Other things that Back To School had overlooked was Davros’ brief appearance, the Quatermass reference and John Leeson’s role as the Dalek Battle Computer.
It is hard to believe that Sylvester McCoy had absolutely nothing to say about his one and only scene with Terry Molloy as Davros and the Doctor’s deleted line to Davros about being more than just a Time Lord.
With the Quatermass reference, I would have thought that either writer Ben Aaronovitch or script editor Andrew Cartmel would have said something about wanting to establish that Doctor Who and Quatermass were in the same universe.
With John Leeson, I would have thought comment would have been made about his return to Doctor Who as something other than K9. Like Pamela Salem and Jasmine Breaks, John Leeson is not among the interviewees for Back To School and was he even invited to appear in it.
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