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I am both sad and disappointed that the Koiari members Kokoda Track Authority Management Committee are already using the Authority for the interests of the Koiari people and not the Kokoda and the Koiari people. The Authority office is only entertaining the Koiari people requests and enquiries. Biage Koiari have no land in Kokoda Town and around Kokoda, and they must not use the Authority to promote their self-interests on Kokoda soil.

The Australian High Commission must be warned not to continue spoon feeding the Koiari people because they are not the legitimate landowners in Kokoda. The Australian High Commission must talk to the true Kokoda landowners and work with them to promote the Kokoda Trail. I am prepared to recommend the names of the legitimate for their own information and purposes. Benjamin Ijumi is not a true landowner of Kokoda land. He is a man with no culture because he purchased the Hunjara people’s headdress.

The Kokoda Memorial Foundation, and the Authority must NOT use the Kokoda Trail and the history of the Kokoda Trial Campaign not only to promote World War II legacy for the present and future generations, and promote tourism related activities, but also they must carry out research and document the histories of the Kokoda Track, the Kokoda Trail Campaign, the Kekedo family, the Kienzle family, the Komere family, the name Kokoda, and Private Bruce Kingsbury for the benefits of the future generations.
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