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An interesting perspective! Yes there maybe positive and negative impacts of tourism in PNG and maybe other world for that matter - but we see today with our nagging economy more good on tourism rather than bad (someone correct me if I am wrong).

Tourism has done a lot for this country and I can't simply think why anyone could be so blind to see that. To say toursists are invading our country is like an insult to many who have come by and have fallen in love with our beautiful country and its many natural beauty and fascinating cultures of people.

I don't know where you are coming from but when we talk about tourism we talk about, development, revenue, job opportunities - certainly there is no need to go on as I have mentioned these already (above) and the very people who are accused of invading our country are the ones who bring about these changes.

I don't think it is appropriate now to say that the locals would rather live the way it was before tourism took place. I think many Locals have had their taste of modernization or civilization even before the tourists or tourism took place in Papua New Guinea. The tourists are just here (and thanks to them) to enhance or broaden their knowledge.

It is true and I have heard ( though it hasn't been proven) about foreignors exploiting our cultures, our resources but I think it all goes back to our ineffectiveness. I believe if there are fully established copyrights law in place to protect our culture and our traditional arts, this laws will be respected and approriate action will be taken should anything happen.

Tourists help not only in promoting our country but in painting a good image despite the many negative publicities about our country.
I mean let people come see and experience PNG for themselves. They may have had a negative impression before but I guess many go away satisfied and happy knowing that our country is not what is seems according to media. This are very people that go back to their country and spread the good there is about PNG and they should be applauded - first for choosing to come here despite the bad publicity and for erasing doubts in many people's minds.

It is my job to promote tourism in Papua New Guinea and would not try to paint a bad picture as I believe strongly that Papua New Guinea is rich in beauty, in culture and are indeed very friendly beings. I mean..think about it - every town or places on earth has its own crime!
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