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Hi guys,
for your interest(s), I have posted a few pictures of the environs of Lae especially of the highway out towards Gusap and Kassam. check it out in our great site here
I keep telling people I meet here in Australia and the US that Lae is the most beautiful place I know in the world (or am I simply living in the past ?). And does anyone know where the name Kassam originated from. Like Siassi, I've often thought it was local until I read somewhere that that Siassi was an Italian navigator, and Rabaul a German name that I read somewhere also....... It might be a good idea for someone to post names of PNG places and where they originated from and how to pronounce it (eg. Lae was supposed to be Lahe as I understood it).

An early Wonderful and Merry Christmas to all you wonderful people who grace the wonderful pages of PNGBD including the site administrators. Keep up with the wonderful contributions

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