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Botanical Gardens

What ever happened to the wadeing pool at the Gardens? From memory it was built by the local Rotary Club. I was just on Google Earth looking at Lae, and I spotted an aircraft in the Gardens, a Douglas DC-3/C-47 from the look of it. Can anyone tell me how long it has been there? Its between Diddymans Ck and Milford Haven Rd.

On the subject of the gardens, I still have the scars from the gravel roads. Ian Walker and I had pedaled up to the commerical centre to sample a new taste sensation ( potato scallops !!) and some one dared me to ride down the hill from the War Cemetry level to the Milford Haven level. From memory, it went down hill, leveled off briefly, then down hill. Any way I came off big time and as I said earlier still bear the scars.
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