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Originally Posted by drgreg
well i am back in australia now and have all my png photos again... will upload some gradually as i scan them.

this re-union interests me but why is it only for pre-independence people? i lived in lae in the 90's and had a great experience too. PNG is still a wonderful country post-independence.
Hi drgreg,

The venue we are using has size constraints and we already had half the numbers from my LaeKidz group when we started - people who were born or grew up in PNG in the 50's and 60's, and knew each other and each others' families. As our guest list continues to grow it is composed of "friends of friends", - more of the original "Laekidz" and people they worked with or dated in Lae in the 60's and 70's, and even some of their parents if they're still around. Most reunions are for people who knew each other "back when" - there is nothing discriminatory about our having set a time limit. Why not organize your own reunion for people who were there when you were, or put your name down for the next biennial Gold Coast reunion ( Queen's Birthday weekend 2008 - they just had one), which has room for a lot more people than we do and is open to all ex-PNG residents from all eras.

Cheers, Wendy
Wendy Clarke (formerly Wendy Phillips)
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