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The Rabaul Volcanic Eruptions of 1994

Rabaul is the only urban settlement in the world built inside an active volcanoe caldera making it the most picturesque town in Papua New Guinea and giving the town one of the best all-weather harbours in the world.

The caldera is the home of a number of dormant and actice volcanoes and the Tolai people who live near these have a saying " Tikana pakana takaum kilala na nilaun - una gire ra kaia na vuvuai" - " Once in your lifetime you will experience a volcanic eruption." This was proved once again in the early hours of the morning of Sunday, 18 September 1994, as subterranean volcanic activity began violently shaking the Gazelle Peninsula, heralding the coming events.

At 6:00am on Monday, 19 September, Tavurvur volcano commenced destroying Rabaul town and the surrounding villages of Talwat, Nordup, Matalau, Rabuana, Korere, Rapolo and Matupit. This was followed about one hour later on the other side of Simpson Harbour when another volcano, Vulcan (Kalamanagunan), vented itself upon the villages Raluan, Valaur, Tavana, Latlat, Rapolo, Karavia and Malaguna, burying them with Tephra and destroying the property and livelihood of thousands of people.

This pictorial will give future Generations some idea of the tragedy and devastation that commenced in Rabaul and its environment on that fateful day in 1994.
"Mangi Sunam"

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