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Hi San,

It sounds as though your little brother was a wild one! My older brother, the middle one, Roger, was always getting into trouble with Stuart Waters, Libby's older brother. They used to head into the jungle with machetes and on one occasion my brother nearly sliced Stuart's hand off (or something crazy like that).

I remember the bus ride into Lae High and worrying when my brothers would get off and wag school (they used to make the driver stop and they would get off and go banana rafting down the river for the day and then make the driver stop and pick them up on the way home!) I would just worry the whole day, since I was only in Form 1 and very innocent!

It was a great place to be a kid, but it is sad to think it has gone to ruin at Igam.

I have a few photos that I will hunt out and scan and try to upload.

I hope others are still around.

Best wishes,

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