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After the visit, I have prepared a Kokoda War Memorial Project Proposal based on three petitions on war compensation which were presented to the Australian Government the Prime Minister of Paua New Guinea, Sir Rabbie Namaliu, at Kokoda. Petitions were presented by the famous Fuzzy Wuzzy Angle, Raphael Oimbari; President of Kokoda Council, Rodney Suma; and the Oro Deputy Premier, Parmenas Cuthbert.

Late John Painap, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council and his boss, Brown Bai, Secretary for the Department of Prime Minister, together with the Prime Minister, Paias Wingti, are fully aware of me providing detailed information for the preparation of cabinet submission in February 1994. Cabinet Decision No 46/94 of March 1994 stands as the official reference.

Once the Kokoda Living Memorial Project was officially opened in September 1995, many individuals from Kokoda and in Australia began to promote the project as their own efforts.

After the establishment of this project, many people both in Papua New Guinea and Australia including Charlie Lynn launched publicity to promote the Kokoda Trial and the Kokoda Trail Campaign which has already attracted wide media publicity both in Papua New Guinea and Australia.

What were these individuals between 1942 and 1992? Why did they fail to recognise and honour our Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels before they passed away? After all Fuzzy Wuzzies had faded away, these individuals are trying to promote their children for their self-interests and build credibility. Itís a great shame.
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