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“In the past, the emphasis has been on the development of buildings which I don’t think has been right. I think the way of the future is the development of the people and supporting them to become leaders. That’s the way I see it going and I think we would work almost full-time to make it happen because it will happen because we have got the support of some very good people and the Australian High Commission”.

Mr Lynn said the other important development in the Foundation would be the establishment of sister school relationships between village schools, Sogeri National High School, Iarowari High School and Sogeri Primary School, with schools in Australia. This would enable them to be assisted with desperately needed teaching aids such as library books, computers and stationery. The schools need support to refurbish classrooms and the boarding facilities so the organizations in Australia like the Lions and the Rotary will be approached to co-ordinate the support and assistance.

The Kokoda Memorial Foundation has high profile Board of Directors including the former Sydney Swans Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Templeton, writer Patrick Lindsay, actor Yahoo Serious, former KPMG Peat Marwick partner Peter Thomas, lawyers Graham Cowley and Julian Marks, filmmakers Paul Croll, and the University of Western Sydney student, Genevieve Nelson.

The Kokoda Memorial Foundation was established in 2003 to help develop a self-sustaining eco adventure trekking industry for the Mountain Koiari and the Orokaivan people who live along the Kokoda Trail, as an Australian legacy to the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels for their sacrifice over 60 years ago.

The Kokoda Memorial Foundation will co-ordinate fundraising through the annual Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Honner Leadership Oration in memory of the late Ralph Honner, Commander of the gallant 39th Militia Battalion in the Battle of Isurava in August 1942.
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