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Papua New Guinea is a raw land, remarkably untamed and as variegated as swamp and jagged limestone, mud and moss forest, suffocating heat and Highland chill, plumed, pearl-shelled villagers and prosaic hill people, tiny tree kangaroos and enormous Queen Alexandra Birdwing butterflies. It is this diversity that has, for so long, excited a raft of explorers, anthropologists and travellers.

Today, the country also attracts bad press, and although much of it is scare-mongering, it is wise to remember that PNG is subject to the same problems - urban unemployment, a rising crime rate and environmental exploitation - facing many emerging nations. Remember also that the tourist infrastructure of PNG is only in its infancy and that accommodation can be expensive, transportation limited and the food uninspiring.


Papua New Guinea has been the subject of considerable negative reportage - rapes, robberies, random violence - during the last decade, much of it exaggerated. Attention has usually focused on what is loosely termed the 'rascal problem', which can include anything from petty street crime to carjacking. Though trouble is mostly confined to clans, some precautions should be taken. These include not wandering around late at night (especially in cities), dressing conservatively (this applies mainly to women), avoiding overt public displays of affection and concealing valuables. Most travellers recommend listening to local advice and, above all, making friends with the people who live in the area you are visiting. Of course, most of the problems plaguing PNG afflict other countries; the best advice is to simply use your head and take reasonable care.
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