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Circular Time - Winter:
The final chapter of the Circular Time audio story released by Big Finish Productions in January 2007.
Featuring the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa and written by Paul Cornell and Mike Maddox.
Winter takes place years after Nyssa ended her travels with the Doctor. Now married with a daughter Nyssa suddenly finds herself reunited with her old friend, the Doctor.
How the Doctor is reunited with Nyssa seems bizarre to starts but eventually makes sense as Winter progresses.
The narrative of Winter fits in well with one of the TV stories (to say which one is telling for those who have not yet listened to Winter).
I will however say that it does feature a cameo by Kamelion despite the fact that original actor Gerald Flood had died in 1989. Big Finish usually avoids recasting characters that had been played by deceased actors but since Kamelion was a shape shifting android Big Finish was able to make an exception to this directive.
After all in his TV appearances Kamelion had changed his appearance to look like other characters so why not do the same for his audio cameo here in Winter.
Unlike Andrew, Nyssa’s love interest in the previous chapter Autumn I did not find Lasarti (Jeremy James), Nyssa’s husband here in Winter to be an impressive character.
Ironically I actually thought that Jeremy James had played Andrew in Autumn before finding out that he was played by Jamie Sandford.
I would not say that Winter matches the level of greatness but it does make for a good coda chronologically speaking for the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa.
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