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I am asking all of you to not only post but also lobby your members of parliament, teachers, friends and churches especially to mak an issue of this menace. It is not Chinese immigrants we are against but Illegal Chinese waves of criminals including those who support them and buy their way to our shores by patronising their business of illegal immigration.

Get a pen and paper and write to Sir Michael Somare or Arthur Somare, Bill Skate, Sir Julius Chan, Sir Mekere Morauta, Chris Haiveta and Pius Wingti and ask them what it is they are doing about illegal logging illegal immigration illegal gambling and the illegal set up of restricted industries by these illegals.

You go to the oil palm estates and find that the oil palm plantations only allow Kong Kongs to operate lucrative trade stores. They are Malaysians with visas for other purposes making millions and not reinvesting but exporting these funds abroad to Australia where they eventually hope to settle. This is clear unambigous evidence of collusion by the authorities, the police, immigration, provincial and national members of parliament and the civil service.

And yes Australian accountants and stock brokers and banks assist with the export of foreign currency through schemes with the large accounting and law firms in Moresby. How do I know? I once worked there at one of these Banks. Today the Company Secretary of an Australian Bank and legal officer is engaged in usurious lending to pay day cheque borrowers whilst our government sits back in silene havnig been bought off. Do they want another Bouganville before they will act?

In Australia it has been discovered that businesses of Australian companies have been importing workers from China in place of Australian workers. This is John Howards version of 'People smuggling" using false pretences to bring in people who have been paid for.

Remember, the first political assasination in Australia of a member of Parliament was by a Chinese from Viet Nam. It was a Member of Parliament in Sydney shot outside his home in the early 1990s.

Write to your member of parliament. They are rude in Australia as well becaue by their culture everyone else is a Gooi (devil). Ask all your wantoks in the forestry areas to down tools or the youth will fore a downing of tools and the police won't be able to to a thing. Write to your friends in Australia. Write to the churches in Australia, write to the NGO's in Australia and write to the SBS and ABC in Australia. We must muster all the power and force we can to act now.

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