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Ms Tavaiqia has visited eight of those countries and visited PNG recently to interview farmers, traders of organic prodducts and other stakeholders with the assistance of IPA. Due to time limitations MS Tavaiqi was only able to visit Lae and Rabaul.

Some of the similarities she discovered during the visits include:
  • the need to carry out awareness on organic farming
  • the need for training and capacity building
  • the need for research into alternatives to synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and weedicides; and
  • the need for market research

Her study has found that farmers of food crops are generally receptive to the idea of organic farming especially since most depend heavily on synthetic chemicals to sustain the quality and the quantity of produce and supply to the export market.

Ms Tavaiqia said most of those seh talked to were sceptical to the risk involved in a sudden switch from the conventional to organic farming.

Ms Tavaiqia's findings will form part of a report on individual countries as well as the region. Her work is only the first phase of the study. her final report which is due to go to CDE in May be followed by further studies after which CDE will decide on possible assistance through funding of pilot projects on organic farming either in individual countries or the region in general.
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