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Dance with Death (Big Finish):
This is the Big Finish remake of the episode of the
The TV episode is the 12th episode of the series but the Big Finish remake is its eighth and the fourth and final episode of Vol. 2 of the Lost Episodes set.
The episode title refers to a murder that relates to a dance school.
While this was enjoyable it was not completely coherent with me as it took me sometime to connect how the opening scene connects to the rest of the episode, not really convinced that the plotline about Elaine was really needed and why did the killer waste time cleaning cups.

The amusing bit was with Keel at the pictures when he got called out for an emergency. Can't relax for the day.

The episode is ultimately about the killer running off with the daughter of the dance school owner so he could get her family's diamonds before killing her.

I found it alarming that when the daughter ran off with the diamonds, her mother seemed more concerned with the diamonds than with her daughter.

The episode is about the killer marrying women then killing them afterwards.

This is similar in plot to Thriller (1973) 3.1 A Coffin for the Bride.

What is interesting about that is that it was written by series creator and former Avengers producer Brian Clemens although he does not seem to been involved with Dance with Death in anyway and his scripting of the Thriller episode seemed coincidental.

After listening to Dance With Death listened to the interviews of Vol. 2 with Anthony Howell (Keel), Julian Wadham (Steed) and Lucy Briggs- Owen (Carol).

Howell says it was fun playing with his childhood favourites for Big Finish with The Avengers along with Doctor Who and Blake's 7.

Wadham notes in the portrayal of Steed in being a charmer for the ladies and that such portrayal would not be allow today.

Briggs-Owen interestingly notes how Steed became an influence in the portrayal of James Bond in the movies.
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