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PNG Tourism

At this point in time when PNG is in the midst of an economic crisis the leaders and (us) the people should look seriously at our next step to recovery is.

Tourism is a DEFINITE GOLD MINE vastly undeveloped as aired by our concerned citizen earlier so, when are we going to wake to reality and realise that this unlimited resource will not only ensure PNG a name on the Map, help lift the economy, but also strengthen the culture, customs and old ways that is gradually eroding from our traditionally rich rural societies.

I come from an area in Manus where the old customs are now indirect money making scheme's and usually end up with split familes. We cannot blame anyone else but ourselves and its for that reason that I believe Tourism will bring PNG back to it's once natural state.

My challenge goes out to the generation of today to set our priorities right and do your bit for TOURISM IN PNG, We may have strange traditional customs and ways but REMEMBER it is those ways that have been the source of your upbringing, the source of your inspirations so lets take one step further and show the world the REAL PAPUA NEW GUINEA.
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