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So my training began two months ago when I started walking up and down the 12th floor to the ground of where I work at Deloitte Tower in downtown Port Moresby. Every lunch hour 4 times a week and every day during the past few weeks I sweated and climbed up and down those stairs.

One day Pam Christie (PNG Trekking Adventure Tours) turned up at the front reception counter and announced my personal trainer was there to see me. When I walked out Pam said, I am here to do the stairs with, my own personal trainer!

Walking up and down step by step I thought I had been doing ok.....but no, Pam had me walking down and up one step at a time. The next time down I had to walk up every 2nd step...then down again. The next time up, every third step and so on. If you are not fit, believe me this is a very BIG ASK!!! I begged, am I going to need to reach for this 3rd step equivalent on the Kokoda Trail. Pam replied, if you want to enjoy your trek, yes you had better start practising.

My training had BEGUN!!! My fellow workmates thought I had gone CRAZY or as they say here in PNG (long long). The Managing Partner Paul Barber remarked one day where are you off to, I replied to walk the stairs. I asked if he wanted to join me and he replied, DO I LOOK STUPID? Another Partner Andrew Crompton saw me walking along the road late one afternoon and asked if walking the stairs had done something to my head....I mean this is definitely not the Gail they had known for so many years of their lives......

When it came to various parts along the trek like this log crossing, I said to myself many times....Deloitte 3rd step ... yes Pam, I really did need to practice reaching for the 3rd step...tks for the tip:
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