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Pls help me to help PNG
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How did I get into Kokoda Trekking you may well ask. Well it goes something like this..... in December 2000 when I was on holidays in Australia, I was amazed how much negativity there was towards PNG mainly wound up by the local and overseas know how journo's think....only drama sells newspapers. Gee if it was that bad, would I still be living and working here since 1972? Hence, in January, 2001, I decided to start a website on Papua New Guinea to promote the 'good' rather than the 'bad' and so my journey with my PNG website, began.

Around 15 months ago I was approached by the Tourism Promotion Authority and thanked for promoting PNG to the world. They asked me to go one step further and help PNG people who either did not have the know how and or resources to grow their own business. I said sure and they introduced me to Kokoda and Russell Eroro himself a veteran of some 287 treks spanning 12 years. Russell had worked for just about anyone and everyone. He has predominantly worked for Clive Baker, but also SP Tours, Frank Taylor, Narai Billy etc

This was his chance to stand on his own two feet and show the world he could run his own treks without an Australian present....well that is with the exception of myself who looks after this website and who answers your many emails and makes you feel welcome when you arrive here in PNG etc.

Russell Eroro seen here crossing Naoro Creek. In this particular trek he offered to be my 'personal porter' and many of our guides down graded themselves to food porters to share our last trek for 2004. Russell walked the whole way with his precious bush knife cutting and chopping as he went clearing anything in everything in his path. Even kids in Kokoda I see walk around with knives which would make us westerners scared stiff but in areas in PNG, this is the norm:

If trekkers insist, we have two expatriate experienced trekkers who will accompany you on the trail with our guides and porters but Kokoda Trekking have now taken over 400 + trekkers throughout 2004 and only 6 did not complete the whole trail. Costs would be around the $200.00 per day mark for this extra service but it can be arranged if you do not have faith in a 100% nationally run trek:
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