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Conditions of Entry

Once participants have completed their registration and paid the relevant fees they will be eligible for the prizes available for this event, subject to the following additional conditions:

1. All participants will be given an official “race” number and safety pins to affix the race number to your T-Shirts. The officially allocated race number must be worn at all times until after final completion of the event.

2. The event involves physical exertion and is not suitable for those who are unfit, ill or are potentially susceptible to heart-related disease. Participants confirm that they are fully aware of the potential risks of participating in such an event and that they have taken all
precautions necessary to determine that they are fit enough to participate in the event. In the case where participants are uncertain about their ability to participate, they have obtained appropriate medical advice, in making their decision to participate. Participants also acknowledge that they participate in the event at their own risk and that neither PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Sir Buri Kidu Heart Institute, Port Moresby Road Runners or any other sponsor associated with the event will be liable for any injury, ill-health or other adverse condition that participants may suffer.

3. All participants must have fun.

Signed by all participants on the date noted below:


[To be dated prior to 27th October, 2002]
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