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Wow. I was trawling the net on a 'track down old friends' hunt, as I was on the bus to work this morning, and swore that i saw someone that i went to school with in Lae, only to come across this site!

My name is Mike Garvey, and I went to MIPS in the early 80s for a couple of years before we moved to Bougainville. My brother Matt also attended (he's 4 years younger than me, so he would've been in Prep or something?) I recall the teacher I had when we first moved to Madang from Lae was a tall NZr (I think) with a moustache, and his wife also taught at the school, but unfortunately I can't recall their surnames (I think it was Williams or something like that?). I think that was about 1983? MR. Horsefield was the headmaster at the time.

I do fondly recall Miss Couples (Cupples? And then Wellington after she married) as my teacher after that, so I'm guessing about 1984 (I also remember getting into trouble with her for talking too much in class...). My best friend at the time was Michael Heywood, and other names I recall from my class are Laura Bailey, her friend Michelle (who I think i have seen here in Brisbane just recently, as well!), and 2 other guys, Scott and Brett (who I think was English, or his family were?)

Other names I can recall/people I knew - the Blackley brothers; Ben Cassel (Cassels?) and his sister; Nicole Gore-Brown; and the Fletcher sisters (who i also used to live in the same street as! I think Hayley was the middle sister, and her Mum later had a boy if I heard correctly?). I was also friends with a guy whose name completely escapes me, but he lived near the water, had a huge Star Wars and lego collection, and his Dad was a bank manager or something? I think his name was Rob or something...

I think we left for Bougainville around mid/later 1985, and my teacher then was 'Mrs. Williams' (wife of the first teacher I mentioned above - so I could have the name wrong).

Went to boarding school in Brisbane from '87 to '88, and then we moved to Brisbane after my Dad died in a car accident in later '88. Have been living in Brisbane since then.

Wow. I think I'll have to dig out my old MIPS year books and have a look through them before I ramble to much more here! Take care everyone, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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