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Hi Zaydah

Wow that's a blast from the past!

My name's Geraldine and if you were in Simone's class then you must've been in mine. I do remember your name but that's as far as I go... age is catching up hence the depletion of memory cells :-)

I'll try and find out if that capsule was ever dug up.

Ms Cupples ended up getting married to a Pilot and became Mrs Wellington. Ms Mitchell is still teaching in Papua New Guinea and still dressed up in her unique stye. Have no idea where Mr Horsefiled is.... remember that goatee....

Have you heard from Simone?



Originally Posted by ryanz
Hi Simone, my name is Zaydah and I dont expect you to remember me but I definitely remember your name.

I was in prep in 1979 also. I went to MIPS until Grade 6. I was there when we buried the time capsule but I dont know if it was dug up in 2000. I would be very interested to know how that went!

I now live in Australia and I'm working with the Commonwealth Government. I have an honours degree in Psychology.

It's incredible that you were there too when we buried the capsule! I had 2 older brothers who also went to MIPS plus an older sister. There names are Jeffrey, Tony and Raemar.

Great to hear there are others out there who have special memories like myself!!

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